Ten of the Best Travel Money Belts for 2017

Travel Money Belts

The last thing you want to happen on your holiday is to lose all your money and travel documents but what with the rise of pickpockets it is all too familiar.

Keeping your money and passport safe should be a top priority but how many of us just use an ordinary wallet or purse in our bags or back pocket?

Putting your money in a travel money belt not only keeps it out of sight but secures it around your waist, making it virtually impossible to lose.

With traveller’s safety in mind, here are the top ten travel money belts:

Mountain Warehouse Security Waist Belt – £4.99

Travel Money Belts

A great budget option here and perfect for festivals or camping trips where you just want to keep your money on you at all times. The travel money belt has an adjustable belt and quick release clip and is machine-washable and lightweight to wear.

From: mountainwarehouse.com

Go Travel Money Minder – £8.99

Travel Money Belts

Keep your valuables concealed with this virtually invisible money belt that sits comfortably under your clothes. Made using soft and breathable material, it features three separate pockets and an adjustable waist strap.

From: Selfridges.com

Lifeventure DriStore Waist Wallet – £11.69

Travel Money Belts

This is a great travel money belt if you are going to a region where you expect lots of rain as it is water-resistant and is made from waterproof fabric. It also protects from water damage with the roll-top closure. The slim line design makes it virtually invisible under clothing and there is a super soft lining that feels comfortable on your skin.

From: gooutdoors.co.uk

Mount Flow Money Belt for Travelling – £11.99

Travel Money Belts

Made using lightweight and breathable material, this money belt is so comfortable you won’t know you are wearing it. It comes with an extra-long adjustable strap that fits most waists, has three secure pouches, one large pocket at the back for credit cards and travel cheques, two at the front including one passport-sized. It is also made using RFID material which works to block any connection to a contactless charge machine.

From: amazon.co.uk

Ody Travel Gear Quality Hidden RFID Money Belt – £12.45

Travel Money Belts

This travel money belt from ODY has a breathable, non-itch mesh back that gives lots of ventilation and is designed to sit comfortably on the waist. In a neutral grey colour it won’t stand out to potential pickpockets and it is made using durable but lightweight material. It has two zipped compartments and four hidden ones and there’s also a handy money clip included. The waistband is fully adjustable and fits sizes 20-56 inches.

From: amazon.co.uk

Lifeventure Money Belt – £12.99

Travel Money Belts

It looks like an ordinary belt but also features a hidden security compartment where you can stash your money. Made with a cotton mesh and an aluminium buckle, it is adjustable and will fit waists from 26” to 44”.

From: cotswoldoutdoor.com

Deuter Security Holster – £15.00

Travel Money Belts

Made using a very fine and lightweight fabric that is durable thanks to the tight weave and is also water-resistant. It features a waist belt and shoulder strap which are both adjustable. You can remove the waist belt and wear it over your head and it contains two zipped pockets and one mesh one.

From: jackson-sports.com

Go Travel Money Belt – £15.40
Travel Money Belts

An actual belt here that would fool the most determined pickpocket. The belt looks authentic enough but at the back there is a hidden zipped compartment that is long enough to pack money in. It is one size but will fit waists from 25” to 45”. Material is leather and cotton combination.

From: amazon.co.uk

Travelproof Leather Belt Safe – £16.00

Travel Money Belts

This Travelproof Leather Belt Safe looks like a typical belt but has a hidden zipped compartment which is large enough to hold up to $2000 in high denomination notes. Made with real leather it will fit any waist from 28″ to 40″ and has a unique adjustable buckle system.

From: nomadtravel.co.uk

Pacsafe Coversafe X100 – £25.00

Travel Money Belts

This travel money belt is made using steel wire incorporated into the fabric which makes it extremely hard for pickpockets to slash or cut it off from your body. The material also blocks RFID reading machines and has a compartment big enough for your passport and one other zipped main compartment with a divider.

From: jackson-sports.com

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