Ten of the Best Tennis Racquets

Ten of the Best Tennis Racquets

So Wimbledon has arrived in the UK and with it comes a rush to the tennis courts, racquets in hand. If you are in need of a new racquet then have a look at our suggestions for the ten best:

Prince Textreme Tour 100T - £101.90

A lightweight but strong racquet that is ideal for amateurs who want a bit of punch in a racquet. Stiff enough for hard shots like volleys and serves, but very
manoeuvrable for the more subtle strokes.

From: sweatband.com

Head Graphene Radical Pro – was £149.99 now £75.00

Play like Andy Murray with the racquet that he prefers. It’s a heavy racquet that is designed to smash the ball to the base line. Great for those who like to smack a ball back, not so good for those with no upper body strength.

From: milletsports.co.uk

Dunlop Force 98 Tour – was £149.99 now £75.00

This racquet features Areoskin, a new aerodynamic technology which works to reduce the drag of the racquet by up to 36 percent. There are also glass fibre rods in the handle of this racquet to decrease vibrations which make the strokes smoother.

From: milletsports.co.uk

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph - £134.99

For those who prefer Roger Federer’s game, Wilson’s association with this Swiss player is the stuff of legends. Like Murray’s, it is a heavy beast, not for weedy players, but really good for precision shots.

From: tennisnuts.com

HEAD Graphene XT Instinct – was £139.99 now £104.99

A great racquet for newbies and amateurs here. If you are starting to play for the first time or learning, this racquet will add a powerful punch behind each hit.

From: pdhsports.com

Yonex VCORE Tour G was £179.99 now £89.99

This racquet is Stanislas Wawrinka’s ideal bat, as it has a much lighter feel and is not as bludgeoning as Federer’s or Murrays. Gives great control over shots and swipes quickly through the air.

From: tennisnuts.com

Babolat Pure Drive Play - £296.90

Combining modern technology with traditional artistry is Babolat’s unique selling point. In the handle of this racquet are tiny sensors that record everything when you hit the tennis ball. Use the app to then improve your game.

From: tennis-point.co.uk

Head Ti-S6 Tennis Racquet - £59.99

A lightweight racquet here that is perfect for intermediate players. The Head Ti-S6 is sturdy enough but still packs a bit of punch thanks to the combination of titanium and graphite.

From: directsportseshop.co.uk

Head YouTek Graphene Prestige MP Tennis Racket L2 - £105.59

Lovely stiff racquet here that gives a really crisp feel on touching the ball. Head have changed the balance of this racquet by taking the weight from the throat and putting it into the handle and tip of the frame, this means the racquet feels faster.

From: amazon.co.uk

Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus – was £189.99 now £144.99

This is the racquet of choice for Rafael Nadal and if you love to put spin on your balls like the Spanish player, try this one from Babolat. The open string pattern allows players to put as much spin on the ball as they want.

From: tennisnuts.com

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