Ten of the Best Swimming Aids for Children

Ten of the Best Swimming Aids for Children

Chances are, if you are off on your summer holidays, this is your ideal opportunity to teach your children to swim. Coaxing an anxious toddler into the pool without a swimming aid is tricky, but thankfully, manufacturers have come up with some novel ways of getting our kids confident in the water.

Gone are the days when the only choice were arm bands in bright orange. Nowadays there are floating jackets, floating swimming costumes, life vests and even devices that encourage your child to put their face in the water.

Here are our suggestions:

Speedo Swim Seat – £12.49

Speedo Swim Seat - £12.49

The perfect aid for getting your baby or toddler into the pool and providing a relaxing atmosphere with no tension. Ideal for improving their confidence and the seat meets European standards and is made from low PVC.

From: argos.co.uk

Tunturi Junior Adjustable Swimming Belt Float – £14.99

Tunturi Junior Adjustable Swimming Belt Float - £14.99

A swimming belt here that features five floats which are removable. Get your child used to the water before removing one float at a time until they can swim without any floats with confidence.

From: tesco.com

Swim Best Swim Jacket – £13.99

Swim Best Swim Jacket - £13.99

What we like about this jacket is, unlike arm bands, the arms are free to practice the correct swimming strokes, whilst the body is kept buoyant by the jacket. Not only that, but inside the jacket are eight removable floats. Remove these one at a time, until your child is swimming without any floats at all.

From: amazon.co.uk

Swim Fin Swimming Aid – £21.99

Swim Fin Swimming Aid - £21.99

A really novel idea here, a buoyant swimming aid, shaped like a shark’s fin that you strap onto your child’s back. The fin acts like a floatation device and from what we can see from satisfied customer reviews, the feedback is pretty amazing. Brilliant device!

From: funswimshop.co.uk

Zoggs Kids Zoggy Back Float – £9.99

Zoggs Kids Zoggy Back Float - £9.99

These floats attach around the waist onto the back and the individual floats can be removed one at a time. This allows your child to build up their confidence in their own time and at their own pace.

From: amazon.co.uk

Konfidence Float Suit – £22.00

Konfidence Float Suit - £22.00

This suit is like the jacket we featured, in that it has eight removable floats inside which provide adjustable buoyancy for the wearer. There’s also freedom of movement and the suit comes in seven different designs and colours.

From: konfidence.co.uk

Zoggy Swim Free Float Suit – £20.00

Zoggy Swim Free Float Suit - £20.00

Your child won’t even know he or she is wearing a swimming aid with this float suit from Zoggs. Not only does it inflate from the inside, it also offers good sun protection. It helps your child learn to swim more naturally as they do not have cumbersome arm bands to deal with.

From: simplyswim.com

Zoggs Kids Float Discs Learn to Swim Arm Band – £12.95

Zoggs Kids Float Discs Learn to Swim Arm Band - £12.95

If you prefer arm bands on your child but don’t want the hassle of inflating and deflating after every session, these rings are the next best option. You start off with the maximum number of two for each arm and the object is to get the child confident enough to remove one disc each until they can swim without any at all.

From: amazon.co.uk

BECO Egg Flips – £8.00

BECO Egg Flips - £8.00

A good way to get your children into the water in the first instance is to make the pool a fun place to be. These toys flip over in the water as soon as you touch them and cause big splashes, which encourage the child to have water on their face.

From: simplyswim.com

Sevylor Puddle Jumper Deluxe Flotation Device – £19.99

Sevylor Puddle Jumper Deluxe Flotation Device - £19.99

Approved by the US Coast Guard no less, and much more about building confidence. These arm bands are connected to a ring that sits like a vest around the child’s middle. Great for anxious children for which just arm bands are not working.

From: amazon.co.uk

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