Ten of the Best Secateurs 2017

Ten of the Best Secateurs 2017

Every gardener usually has a pair of trusted secateurs in their garden shed that they wouldn’t be without. They are, without doubt, one of the most important tools when it comes to gardening, as they tackle a range of tasks, including pruning and cutting back.

If you are in the market for a new pair of secateurs, there are two factors to take into consideration. For cutting live plants you’ll need a pair of bypass secateurs that work with a scissor action. This is becasue a clean precise cut is required. Here the blades glide past each other to create a clean slice.

For tougher gardening tasks, such as cutting through hardy wood stems, a pair of anvil secateurs are a better choice as the top knife bites down on the lower one, allowing you to add more pressure when needed.

You should also look out for ratchet secateurs which are easier to use as the ratchet mechanism lets you cut by continuously squeezing and releasing the handles until you are through the stem.

When buying a pair of secateurs, hold them in your hands and keep squeezing for a few minutes to see how comfortable they are. Check for ease of squeeze, the weight and how they feel in your hands.

Here’s what we recommend:

Kent & Stowe Ratchet Secateurs - £7.05

A hand crafted pair featuring a 2 in 1 cutting function and well-suited for arthritis sufferers. Good for general pruning and the carbon steel non-stick blades ensure a smooth cutting action. There’s a ratchet style or single cut motion available and you get non-slip soft grip handles and a safety lock for extra safety.

From: manomano.co.uk

EasyKut Ratchet Secateurs - £7.71

Great value pair of ratchet secateurs here that feature non-stick blades to reduce any friction whilst cutting.  Comes with a safety lock and knuckle guard, and ergonomic soft grip handles

From: manomano.co.uk

Sophie Conran Precision Secateurs - £27.60

This pair of secateurs are ideal for reaching those hard to get to plants thanks to the long nose. Well-known amongst florists for precision work and feature stainless steel snips with sharp edges. Better for indoor pruning rather than heavier outdoor.

From: amazon.co.uk

Wilkinson Sword Razorcut Pro Angled Head Bypass Pruner - £29.99

Very sturdy pair of bypass secateurs here that come with an ergonomic handle and a light aluminium chassis. Has an adjustable latch where you can cut smaller stems and then dial up for larger ones. Good biting action and can cut through the toughest woody stems.

From: thompson-morgan.com

LÖWE 5.124 - £31.24

Gardeners that miss the iconic Rolcut pruner should be happy to know that this pair is the same one, just given a different name by the original German brand. A no-nonsense pair that have a sturdy construction and made with high-quality materials that will last a long time.

From: qualitygardentools.com

WOLF-Garten RS5000 Anvil Pruners - £37.99

A weighty pair of secateurs here but they make short work of thick stems and hardy wood. They come with a dual-sided safety catch so that if you are left or right-handed they remain safe to use. They also come with a lanyard, so when not in use you can hang them round your neck.

From: manomano.co.uk

An ergonomic pair of secateurs here from renowned Swedish hand tool company. This pair of Bahco secateurs fit vertically in your hand which prevents you from over tilting your wrist while you are gardening.  You can customise the pair and choose different handle sizes.

From: manomano.co.uk

Felco No. 12 – £52.06

Felco No. 12 - £52.06

Felco No. 12 is a pair of roll handle secateurs, which means that the handle rolls with your fingers while you cut. Although it might feel a little weird to start off with, once you get used to it, you will wonder why you didn’t get one before. There is considerably less strain on your hand muscles which means less effort pruning.

From: worldoffelco.co.uk

Opinel Le Secteur French Pruner - £53

These pruners come with superior blades that are surgically sharp and can cut through the toughest of woody stems. There’s a concealed spring action and a three-way switch so that you can limit the blade opening for a faster pruning of smaller stems.

From: le-petit-jardin.com

Niwaki Secateurs - £69

With blades made from carbon steel, these secateurs are used by gardener Monty Don, and are made by Japanese craftsmen with the finest materials. A nice weight in the hands and they chomp through the hardiest of stems.

From: niwaki.com

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