Ten of the Best Running Shoes for Men

Ten of the Best Running Shoes for Men

If the Rio Olympics has inspired you to get off the settee and starting running, you are not alone. Polls suggest that gym membership spikes during the Summer Olympics and then falls off again a few months afterwards.

To keep your inner Mo Farah going, you might want to check out these running shoes. You never know, perhaps in four years’ time….

Athletic Propulsion Labs ‘Windchill’ – £105

Athletic Propulsion Labs 'Windchill' - £105

These shoes have a panel with mesh added to create a ‘Flo Zone’ for extra ventilation. The rubber sole midsoles are placed in strategic positions to help combat the weightiness and provide to lighter feel to the shoes.

From: mrporter.com

Reebok Z Dual Rush 2.0 – £53.60

Reebok Z Dual Rush 2.0 - £53.60

Nice budget pair here from reebok, ideal for intermediate runners who are not too obsessed by running. Good comfort and support offered by the foam cushioning and there’s a ‘sock-feel’ to the uppers for extra comfort.

From: amazon.co.uk

Newton Gravity IV – £140

Newton Gravity IV - £140

These shoes from Newton are best suited for long distance running due to the stability of the outer soles and the EVA mid sole. Highly responsive POP1 platform is perfect for marathon and even longer runs.

From: mrporter.com

Saucony Triumph ISO2 – from £96.22 – £255.69

Saucony Triumph ISO2 - from £96.22 - £255.69

If you bought a pair of the award-winning Triumph ISOs, you might be keeping your eye on these. This pair have even more of the famous Everun cushioning for added comfort which have been inserted below the heel and insole. Really nice springy feel to these shoes and very comfortable.

From: amazon.co.uk

Adidas Climachill Cosmic Boost – £110

Adidas Climachill Cosmic Boost - £110

These shoes seem to shape themselves around your feet, and runners say that the more you wear them, the better they feel. Very responsive and comfortable on road and track which makes them super versatile. Features the Boost midsole that gives back energy to your every step.

From: Adidas.co.uk

Asics Gel Venture 4 – £32.49

Asics Gel Venture 4 - £32.49

If you have just started running then these shoes are a great pair to buy to see if you are going to stick to it or not. If you don’t like running then you haven’t forked out a fortune. Nice rear-foot cushioning for great support and there is a lightweight upper that ventilates properly.

From: sportsshoes.com

Nike Free Flyknit – £97

Nike Free Flyknit - £97

This shoe from Nike was specifically developed after customers contacted the brand asking for shoe that came with the tight fit of a sock. Some research later and the Flyknit was born. The form-fitting shoe is lightweight and a triumph according to customer feedback.

From: endlcothing.com

Puma Ignite v2 – £51.50

Puma Ignite v2 - £51.50

Apparently Usain Bolt wears these shoes. Not sure if they will make you break any world records or win any golds but you could always give them a go. Nice bouncy soles and a good price for these lightweight shoes.

From: sweatband.com

On Men’s CloudCruiser – £125

On Men's CloudCruiser - £125

Good shoes for heavier guys here as harder impacts on the ground are cushioned by the shock-absorbing soles. Good for all types of runner and all kinds of surface.

From: runnersneed.com

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 – £59

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 - £59

Another shoe that reduces the impact of the ground onto your feet. A good and durable pair here that should last and last. They come with a sturdy durable carbon rubber that offers added protection against vulnerable parts of the shoe.

From: amazon.co.uk

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