10 Best Christmas Presents for difficult People

Most of us have that one diffcult friend or family member that will not take any BS, no matter how it is served up to them. They walk their own path and follow their own rules, and don’t give a $&*% what anyone else thinks about them. This is all very well and good, but when it comes to Christmas and buying them christmas presents, a basket of cookies or some candies just won’t cut it.

We’ve gone over to the dark side to find ten of the best christmas presents for those people who really weren’t bothered whether you got them something or not:

  • Eyeroll Zip Pouch – $30.00

Eyeroll Zip Pouch - $30.00

A perfect pouch for ladies who don’t like cute little bags for their makeup or other stuff. The pouch is made from a metallic coated fabric in cotton and zips up at the top.

From: shop.nylon.com

  • Badass Onesie – $51.00

Badass Onesie - $51.00

Looks like one of those high risk and dangerous orange jump suits they make the criminals wear on remand, but this onesie will definitely allow you to show off your badass side. 100% polyester and nice and cosy.

From: shop.nylon.com


You can’t say it any clearer than this. A door mat made out of natural coir fibres that allows you to sit inside and let the mat do all the talking for you.

From: cocodoormats.com

Morning routine, get up, have a bath, make tea, plot revenge on those who have wronged you. Burn list. Handmade mug that holds 11oz.

Quietly Plotting Revenge Mug - $15
From: etsy.com

The Bilderberg Group A6 Unlined Pocket Notebooks - $5

Who wouldn’t like to know the shady characters behind the world’s most secret meeting? Now you can astound the world with your inside knowledge, but be careful, there are dark forces outside that are waiting to steal your book away.

From: etsy.com

Tell Me to Smile One More Time Duffle - $25.00

Girls, fed up with morons telling you to cheer up or smile, it might never happen? Just show them this and let the bag do the talking. Good for the environment too as it is made from 50% recycled polyester. The duffle bag has a zippered main compartment, outside pocket, diagonal webbing handle and detachable/adjustable shoulder strap.

From: shop.nylon.com

Lord Nermal Umbrella - $40.00

The joke’s on everyone else with this lovely one finger up at the world umbrella because of course, only you know what is on the top of it. Stay dry with Lord Nermal watching over you and taking the mick out of everybody else.

From: ripndipclothing.com

Skinny Cuff - $20

Available in a variety of metals and messages, this cuff can be hammered and inked, or just plain hammered and is flexible enough to be moulded around all sizes of wrists.

From: etsy.com

Sorry Not Sorry Sticky Notes - $3.99

A great Secret Santa christmas present for that co-worker with attitude. We all love passive-aggressive notes don’t we? Here’s your chance to give the ultimate passive aggressive gift to someone who would really take pleasure in doling out these notes.

From: knockknockstuff.com

  •  Blood of my Enemies Wine Glass – $16.00

Blood of my Enemies Wine Glass - $16.00

For someone who is really disturbed or someone who just likes to take you by surprise, this wine glass will certainly get people talking. Made in the USA, it holds 15oz and has no stem for a little bit of a Dr Evil look about it.

From: jacvanek.com

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