Ten of the Best Prepared Turkey Breast Joints for Christmas

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

I always remember my dad bringing the turkey to the table at Christmas, ready for carving. These days however, with people wanting more breast meat, easier carving and less waste, prepared turkey breast joints are becoming ever more popular.

Gone are the days when you removed the giblets for the gravy and then boiled the bones afterwards for soups and casseroles. These days you can get a crown, which is a joint where the legs and wings have been removed and you end up with the breast meat left on the bone, or a prepared joint with stuffing included.

Usually prepared turkey breast joints will come with their own cooking instructions but with every joint you will need to cook until the cooking juices run clear. Leave to rest for about half an hour to let the meat relax and then serve.

Iceland Roast From Frozen Boneless Turkey Breast Joint 1.5Kg, serves 4 – 6 – £15

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

Perfectly acceptable boneless prepared turkey joint if you are on a budget and to be honest, £15 is still quite a lot to spend. What we liked about this prepared turkey joint was that there was no fuss in cooking, you just popped it in the oven from frozen and got on with the rest of the trimmings. Nice flavour, we added stuffing underneath halfway through cooking.

From: groceries.iceland.co.uk

Sainsbury’s Shimmering Turkey Cushion with a Caramelised Orange and Cranberry Stuffing, 1-2 kg, serves 6 – £25

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

You cook this in a bag which sounds gross but it really helps to retain the juiciness and moisture. Lovely stuffing which complimented the white breast meat and we loved the candied orange peel on the top which added an extra level of flavour. To get a good golden colour we would recommend several bastings out of the bag for the last 20 minutes or so.

From: sainsburys.co.uk

Marks and Spencer British Oakham Turkey Parcel with Orange and Fig Stuffing, 1450kg, serves 6-8 – £25

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

This would be the perfect size for a family of 8 that consists of two parents, two grandparents and two young children. Tasty orange tang from the stuffing which might not be to everyone’s taste but we loved it, easy to cook as it comes in a tray which you just bung in the oven and then take off the foil towards the end of the cooking. Easy to carve as there was no bone.

From: christmasfood.marksandspencer.com

Waitrose Pork, Sage and Caramelised Onion Stuffed Turkey Breast, 1kg, serves family of 4 – £25

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

This prepared turkey joint only took an hour and a half to cook and includes gluten-free stuffing so is perfect for those with an intolerance. Lovely crispy bacon lattice on the top which helps to keep in all the juices from the turkey and the size is ideal for a family of four.

From: waitrose.com

KellyBronze Stuffed Breast Roast, at least 1kg, serves 5 – £37.67

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

This is a free range stuffed breast joint that has the skin on and feeds around four to six people. KellyBronze do a range of crowns, joints and birds and you can get them delivered or collect them yourself. The flavour is out of this world and the skin crisps up beautifully.

From: kellysturkeys.co.uk

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Free-range Norfolk Black Turkey Parcel with Chestnut and Cranberry Stuffing, serves 6 – £40

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

This parcel has everything you could wish for and will please guests who like breast and dark meat as it contains both. There is also a chestnut stuffing and a layer of cranberry sauce so you could easily leave these off the table. The bacon crisps up the outside and keeps the whole parcel delightfully moist.

From: sainsburys.co.uk

Tesco British Honey-Glazed Turkey Crown with Pork, Apple & Chestnut Stuffing – Medium 2.59-3.39kg, serves 8-11 – £40.68

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

This is a lovely turkey crown with a bone which we always think keeps the meat together and juicier. It is glazed with honey and has a stuffing of pork and apple which adds a nice fruity flavour. Covered in bacon which crisps up and adds a smokiness to the joint.

From: tesco.com

Cook Stuffed Crown of Turkey, Wrapped in Sweet-cure Bacon with a Cranberry, Apple and Sausage Meat Stuffing, 2.1kg, serves 8 – £45

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

From and award-winning farm, this turkey crown is wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cranberry and sausage meat. The farmer uses everything on his farm, from the wheat from his fields to feed his birds to using farm straw for their bedding.

From: cookfood.net

Abel and Cole Organic Crown, serves up to 8 – £65.99

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

An organic turkey crown here that is not stuffed so is great if you don’t like prepared breast turkey joints that come already stuffed. I personally like to make my own. You should cook this breast down for the first part of the cooking process then turn over to crisp up the skin. Lovely rich flavour thanks to the organic nature.

From: abelandcole.co.uk

Eversfield Turkey Boned and Rolled with Bacon, 2kg, serves 8 – £99

Prepared Turkey Breast Joints

There are bronze, silver and gold birds available, this is a bronze version and you get both breast and dark meat in this boned and rolled joint. Wrapped in bacon to stop it drying out, it is available in either 2 or 4kg sizes and provides a lovely gamey flavour.

From: eversfieldorganic.co.uk


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