Ten of the Best Pet Cooling Products for the US

Ten of the Best Pet Cooling Products for the US

If your dogs are anything like mine, the hot weather will not stop them lying in the sunshine and getting seriously over-heated. As responsible pet owners we all know the damage that too much heat can do, especially as our furry friends cannot cool down in the same way as we humans. We sweat through glands on our skin and this instantly cools us, but a dog only has sweat glands in their pads and can only pant to help cool down.

This is why it is so important to make sure our best friends are comfortable in the heat. Luckily, manufacturers have come up with some cool innovations, all designed to get our dog’s temperatures down.

Here are our recommendations for the best pet cooling products:

Handi-Drink Pet Water Bottles - $5.99 for 17oz, $6.99 for 24oz

We all know the importance of keeping your dog hydrated on long journeys or even long walks when the temperature is rising. This handy little water bottle is portable and serves not only as somewhere to stash cool water but a combination drinking bowl as well.

From: drsfostersmith.com

Arctic Freeze Snowflake Dog Toy - $8.99

The perfect way to keep your dogs not only cool but amused for hours at the same time. This is a freezable chew toy that is cooled down in the freezer and is filled with water. Instantly cools down your dog in a safe way.

From: drsfostersmith.com

Pet Polar Bowls – from $8.99

If your dogs are anything like mine they will not tolerate lukewarm water in their drinking bowls. Make sure theirs is ice cold by using these pet polar ones. They feature a gel core which you freeze and then fill with water. Water stays cool for hours. Available in small, medium and large options.

From: drsfostersmith.com

  • Ocean Breeze Evaporative Mist Cooling System – $16.37

Ocean Breeze Evaporative Mist Cooling System - $16.37

This is not made specifically for dogs, but it is perfect for scorching hot days when all your pooches want to do is lie about panting. This little kit attaches to any faucet and sprays a fine mist which dramatically reduces air temperature. Genuis.

From: homedepot.com

Slumber Pet Cool Pup Mat - $17.99

This mat contains a self-cooling polymer gel film that allows your pet to cool down on really hot days. If the temperature is really soaring then you can also pop the mat into your freezer for an additional burst of coldness. Comes in small, medium and large sizes.

From: amazon.com

Allow your dog to remain cool and dry thanks to this memory foam bed that uses water to control the temperature. Dogs love this cooling pet bed and thanks to the fluid-enhanced design, it also moulds to your dog’s shape.

From: happyhuskybakery.com

Cool-Air Cot™ Dog Bed – from $59.99

Dogs find is easier to cool down if they have a lovely draught rushing under and over them. By raising this pet bed off the ground, you are not only creating that draught but elevating it from any warm surfaces.

From: drsfostersmith.com

These vests come in many different sizes, from XXS to XL and have a unique material which you soak it with cool water, then wring out the excess, as the water that is left in the material evaporates it cools down your dog.

From: ruffwear.com

  • K9 Koolee Portable Cooling Pet Bed – $135.00

K9 Koolee Portable Cooling Pet Bed - $135.00

If you have to transport your pets anywhere you will know that the minute you let them out of the car they will need somewhere cool to relax and get their temperature down again. This portable cooling pet bed is ideal, it features a cooling mat that has cooling inserts that require no batteries or electricity to work, and a shelter from the harsh rays of the sun.

From: doggiecoutureshop.com

  • Chilly Dog Cool Vest – $159.00

Chilly Dog Cool Vest - $159.00

This vest uses gel packs that you freeze and then put into pockets situated all over the vest, and also features adjustable straps. You can remove the packs without taking off the vest and the freeze packs come with it.

From: glaciertek.com

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