Ten of the Best Manual & Electric Breast Pumps 2017

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Breastfeeding is a good way for new mums and baby to create an emotional bond. But for mothers who are busy or cannot directly breastfeed, breast pumps are the next best thing.

Breast pumps come in all shapes and sizes and can be manual or electrical. For convenience it is better to choose one where you can pop all the components into the dishwasher, and ones that come with several baby bottles are also preferable so that you can easily store the expressed milk, ready for baby to drink.

Here are the ten best breast pumps that we recommend:

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump – £35

breast pumps

So easy to use, this is a manual breast pump that is discreet and also portable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go, ready for use. All the bits are dishwasher safe and the pump has two adjustable phases, one gives rapid suction to stimulate milk flow while the other phase allows for a deeper suction to maximise output. There is just the one bottle included to pump, store and feed.

From: kiddicare.com

MAM Manual Breast Pump – £37.50

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For mums that are finding breastfeeding uncomfortable, this manual breast pump has lovely soft cushions on the flexible funnel that simulates baby’s mouth. You can hold the pump handle down for a few seconds whilst the milk is flowing which means less pumping required, there’s a dial to change the strength of suction and two bottles included, one for feeding and the other for storing.

From: johnlewis.com

Medela Symphony Double Electric Pump – from £47

breast pumpsFor mums that do not want to buy a breast pump, renting one is a great option. The Symphony is used in 94% of hospitals, so it is highly recommended by health workers. It is electrically powered and comes with two pump sets which allows you to double express. You pay £47 for the first fortnight, this includes delivery and collection, and then £47.00 a month afterwards.

From: medela-rental.co.uk

Nuk Luna Electric Breast Pump – £57.90

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This is a versatile breast pump that can be powered by mains or batteries. It also comes with an adaptor so you can take it with you when travelling. Lovely soft silicon cushion for added comfort which also massages your skin while you are using the pump. Easy to use with one hand and there are two sucking actions, one a fast one to stimulate milk flow and a slower one to increase output. Lots of extras you get a stand, a milk container, teats and protective caps.

From: alza.co.uk

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Pump Kit – £69.99

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This is great value if you are really taking breast pumping seriously and want a big kit. This one contains two sizes of four feeding bottles, a milk warmer, a sterilizing box, breast pads and a soother. As for the actual pump, you can adjust the settings to suit your own milk flow and the breast cup is made from soft silicon.

From: superdrug.com

Ameda Una Single Electric Breast Pump – £94.00

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If speed is a factor for you and you want a faster breast pump then the Ameda is probably going to tick a lot of boxes. It allows you to pump more milk in less time and there are an amazing 32 combinations of suction strength and pumping cycle speeds. You also get seven funnel sizes so you are sure to find a fit perfect for you.

From: boots.com

Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump – £95.00

breast pumpsFor new mums who don’t like to read a big load of instructions whenever they get a new device, this breast pump from Avent is perfect. Made to be really simple to use and comfortable, you can lie back when you pump with this device which is much more relaxing for mums, and encourages milk flow. You get three different pump settings and the massaging cushion stimulates milk production.

From: mothercare.com

Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump – £104.99

breast pumps
Those mums who are going to be expressing milk on a regular basis will love this breast pump as it is designed to perfectly mimic baby’s natural feeding pattern. You get six different suction levels to choose from, a soft silicon cushion, two phase technology and you power it via the mains or batteries.

From: johnlewis.com

Haberman Lovi Electronic Pump – £124.99

breast pumpsIf you need reminding to operate your breast pump then this one has a memory and timer function so you can get into a regular expressing pattern. Operated by the mains or batteries, you can utilise parts of the pump to express manually and it all comes with a handy bag.

From: boots.com

Lansinoh 2-in-1 Electric Breast Pump – £145.99

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Super versatile breast pump here that can be used for single or double expressing using mains or battery power. There’s a clever closed system that stops breastmilk from entering the tubing and also optimises suction levels so expressing milk is really easy and comfortable. There is also an LED display so you can see what you are doing at night or low light conditions.

From: hellobabydirect.com

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