Ten of the Best Luxury Easter Eggs 2017

Ten of the Best Luxury Easter Eggs 2017

If you are looking to spoil your loved ones this Easter with luxury Easter eggs but are not sure what is available, look no further. We’ve done the searching for you and have come up with some pretty spectacular specimens.

Whether it’s dark chocolate that floats your boat, or an exquisite design that makes it nigh on impossible to eat the egg, we’ve found ten luxury Easter eggs, in all kinds of shapes, sizes and types of chocolate.

  • Paxton Matcha and Cherry Egg, 120g – £18

Paxton Matcha and Cherry Egg, 120g - £18

If an eye-catching and unique design are what you are looking for then this Matcha tea and Cherry egg might do the trick. The company usually make Belgian chocolate thins in amazingly creative flavours, and this is their egg version. There’s also a pistachio and hazelnut version available and you get eight of the thins too.

From: paxtonchocolate.com

Heston from Waitrose Eggstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg 440g - £20.00

You either love Heston B or you hate him. I used to hate him until last Easter when he created those mouth-wateringly good Cherry Bakewell hot cross buns. Now I love him. As for this egg, it ticks a lot of boxes, first of all it is being talked about A LOT on social media, secondly it looks impressive, the shell mimics a chicken’s egg shell, and inside is the obligatory Heston surprise, there are gorgeous little blue milk chocolate eggs filled with sea salted caramel and a pile of edible soil (a mix of cacao nibs, freeze dried passion fruit and white chocolate shards).

From: waitrose.com

  • Bulgari Nest Egg – £26

Bulgari Nest Egg - £26

If ever you could call an Easter egg a work of art it would be this one from the Bulgari Hotel, London. The exquisite Bulgari Hotel Nest Egg is handcrafted with 66% cacao dark chocolate made from Trinitario beans and then encased in a luxurious red velvet coating. Delicate feathered shards then encase the egg which sits upon a base of solid white chocolate and an intricate nest of dark chocolate. Surely you could never eat this?

Available from 1st April to 17th April from: bulgarihotels.com

Selfridges Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, 190g - £29.99

Another artistic offering here as only 200 have been made, making this a limited edition. Crafted by the award-winning Chocolate Society in Somerset, this egg is hand-painted and uses some of the tastiest milk chocolate available. A good choice for those who prefer milk to dark chocolate.

From: Selfridges.com

  • Artisan Du Chocolat Sculpture Egg, 430g – £35

Artisan Du Chocolat Sculpture Egg, 430g - £35

Made using 70% Colombian dark chocolate, this is another egg that looks more like a piece of art than a piece of chocolate confectionary. The sculpture is finished with gold shimmer and the small egg inside is filled with ganache and an 18 carat gold leaf decoration. You also get some dark mini eggs which are hidden within the packaging.

From: Selfridges.com

Harrods Artisan Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg (310g) - £40.00

This egg has been hand-painted in an artisan manner and contains deliciously smooth gianduja chocolates hidden inside. The shell has been created by the team of chocolatiers at Harrods who specialise in creating the finest tasting chocolate.

From: harrods.com

Godiva Beaded Egg with Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs - £45.00

If it’s not all about the chocolate this Easter, and more about the wow factor, then this gorgeous egg from Godiva is perfect, as you get the beautiful beaded egg-shaped box which opens up to reveal individually-wrapped milk, dark and white chocolate Easter eggs made by Godiva.

From: harrods.com

Claridge’s Easter Egg - £50

Apparently the Art Deco checkerboard lobby was used for the inspiration for these two eggs by the head chef of Claridges. Only 100 luxury easter eggs were made, using Valrhona dark, milk and white chocolate. They are filled with homemade chocolate quail eggs and then wrapped in the eye-catching geometrically patterned foil.

From: claridges.com

  • Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg, 1.1kg – £75

Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg, 1.1kg - £75

This is a mammoth egg that would suit as a gift to a large family. When you consider most eggs on our list are around the 450g size, this one is over a kilo. You get the massive egg plus a box of 27 filled chocolates and you can choose the egg in either dark or milk chocolate.

From: hotelchocolat.com

Fortnum & Mason The Colossal Egg, 1.4kg - £90.00

This egg might not look like much from the outside but imagine those Russian doll sets you can get? Well this egg is like that. It contains five other eggs, all situated inside the larger one, and when you consider that the whole weight of these five eggs is over a kilo, you know you are getting bang for your buck.  The inside eggs are all different flavours: first up milk chocolate and salted honeycomb, followed by dark chocolate orange, then a rich and silky smooth milk chocolate, then a white chocolate, strawberry and black pepper egg and finally a dark chocolate and mint egg centrepiece.

From: fortnumandmason.com

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