Ten of the Best Innovative Tech Gadgets from CES 2017

For those of our readers who love a new gadget that is technically advanced and innovative, there’s only one place to go – the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Here, in the annual gadget show in Las Vegas, companies get to show off their latest inventions and wow audiences with new products.

If you didn’t manage to get to the CES this year, don’t worry, we have picked our ten favourites from the CES show that are surely going to be this year’s best sellers.

  • Lenovo Smart Assistant with Amazon Alexa

Cheaper and a little more colourful than Amazon’s Echo, which is only available in black or grey, the Lenovo Smart Assistant is powered by Amazon’s Alexa and features 8 microphones that pick up sounds from 16 feet. The assistant can answer questions, manage your time schedule, to-do lists and play music.

Costs around $130 for the standard model.

  • Willow’s Cord-Free Breast Pump

No tubes, no cords, no squeezing, this revolutionary device sits nicely in your nursing bra and is fully automated, meaning you can carry on with whatever you want. It connects to an app which tracks the volume you are expressing and you can use it to set alarms or alerts. Not available as yet but sign up here to be notified.

From: willowpump.com

999 call takers have them, now you can too. The world’s first triple display laptop. Perfect for gamers as it’s automated with 4K capacity. The hinged screens unfold easily to allow you to set it up out of the compact 17-inch laptop. It is a little hefty, weighing in at just over 11 pounds. Not out yet but information updates available here.

From: zazerzone.com

Intel has designed a mini-computer which is the size of a standard credit card that works as an upgrading insert. You simply insert the card into a smart device to upgrade them, like refrigerators, security cameras, etc., instead of having to change the whole device when faster processors are being designed. The mini-computer features everything a standard sized one would have, including a processor, memory, storage, and wireless tech.

From: intel.co.uk

This is a smart brush that collects data about the state of your hair when you start brushing it. It works via an app and as soon as you finish brushing, all the information is sent to your smartphone where you can see what it recommends. Product available from autumn and should retail for around £165.

From: withings.com


TV’s that are like wallpaper is the aim of LG. This TV is so thin and flat, it could be mistaken for a piece of art. It weighs around 27 pounds, which is incredibly lightweight, this is due to the fact that the majority of the workings of the TV are situated in a Dolby Atmos sound bar.

From: lg.com

This company debuted at CES and want to make saving water fun by including a series of lights to show you when you have used too much water. So you start off green, then blue and then as you are running out of time, the lights go from purple to red. Available later on in the year for around £80.

From: www.hydrao.fr

  • Griffin Smart Mirror – £800

This product reminds me of that film Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is using his hands to move data across a shiny screen. This smart mirror is not as technological, but it does feature the time and weather and any missed calls from your phone, via your Wi-Fi on any shiny surface. Quite cool really. To activate you simply touch the mirror’s capacitive surface.

From: griffintechnology.com

Polaroid is always a hit at CES, and this year it is celebrating its 80th anniversary with a new product release: The Polaroid Pop. Here you get instant photos with the technology of a digital camera, and you can print immediately. Great product for gifting. Available towards the end of this year.

From: polaroid.com

A favourite at CES, like an underwater drone, this device can be operated from the shore and uses a sonar system to find fish. It has an on-board 4K camera that can take 12-megapixel images close-up and personal.

From: powervision.me

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