10 Best Hotels in London to see in the New Year’s Fireworks

For the past few years, the London Fireworks display has been a ticketed event. This is because it has become so popular that tens of thousands of spectators have turned up, and the area cannot cope with so many sightseers. Tickets for this year cost £10 each but they have already sold out, and organisers are advising that if you haven’t got a ticket to stay away.

The next best thing is to stay in a hotel by the River Thames and soak up all that atmosphere without getting stuck in the crowds. We put together a list of the top ten best hotels to see the fireworks:

This is a floating hotel situated in the docks, just next to the ExCel building. You might expect to pay a fortune to board this floating yacht but it is surprisingly affordable and offers extensive views with a British restaurant and bar.

  • MONDRIAN – South Bank, London – From: £149.00 per night

Spectacular views of the River Thames from the Rooftop Bar of this hotel and an amazing design by architect Tom Dixon who created a ship with a copper-bottomed hull that slips in the river.

Get yourself to the 10th floor where you’ll find a glass-covered terrace and fantastic views of the Thames, with the unusual shape of the building meaning you have views in all directions of London.

Located in-between Whitehall and the Thames, this historic hotel has enviable views of both the Thames and the London Eye, but make sure you book one of the top floor rooms. If you like buildings steeped in intrigue, you may like to know that this one housed the original Scotland Yard and also hosted secret service meetings during two world wars.

  • THE CHELSEA HARBOUR HOTEL – Chelsea, London – From: £211.00 per night

Lovely little hotel that was part of the development in that area during the eighties. It overlooks the small marina at Chelsea Harbour and if you book a harbour-view room you are guaranteed great views of the fireworks on New Year’s Day.

  • LONDON MARRIOTT HOTEL COUNTY HALL – South Bank, London – From: £228 per night

Situated on the South Bank next to Westminster Bridge, you get superb views of the fireworks as many of the rooms here look out onto the London Eye, and some rooms even have balconies.

You won’t get better views than these of the Thames as this hotel is located on a bend in the river on the Isle of Dogs. Hotel guests can luxuriate in the riverside pool which melds seamlessly into the Thames thanks to the glass walls.

  • SHANGRI-LA at the SHARD – LONDON BRIDGE, LONDON – From: £362.00 per night

Up in the sky amongst the clouds sits this tall hotel, and with amazing views of the River Thames and the fireworks, at 1,016ft you’ll pretty much see everything but from a different perspective.

If you want to see the firework display then you must make sure to request one of the river-facing rooms on the top floors to get the best views. Said to have some of the best views of London, expect to see the London Eye and night-time London lit up in all its glory.

  • CORINTHIA HOTEL LONDON – CHARING CROSS, LONDON – From: £426.00 per night  

This is a five star hotel experience like no other, apart from rooms with river views, you also get a stunning four floor spa, a hotel littered with modern art pieces, magnificent chandeliers, enormous recreation rooms, a mini-branch of Harrods and even a Daniel Galvin hair salon.

Profile Picture credit:visitlondon.com/Stewart Marsden

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