Ten of the Best Hanging Mobiles for Your Living Room Decor

Ten of the Best Hanging Mobiles for Your Living Room Decor

Who said the mobiles should only be enjoyed by children? I’ve always loved mobiles, in whatever form they come. It doesn’t matter whether they are wind chimes or hanging art, what I like the most about them is that they are never static and add an interactive touch to your home. They can relax you or invigorate you, but they’ll never bore you.

Here’s our favourite hanging mobiles:

CB2 Crop Circle Mobile - $20

Crafted in a burnished-brass finish, this delightfully quirky mobile will be a talking point wherever you place it in your home.

From: cb2.com

  • Taet Tat Circula Mobile – $32

Taet Tat Circula Mobile - $32

This artistic mobile caught our eyes because it is so tall and lengthy and usually mobiles are horizontal. Made from translucent paper, it swings and sways beautifully in the breeze so place near an open window.

From: shophorne.com

MoMA Store Birds In Harmony Mobile – $35

MoMA Store Birds In Harmony Mobile - $35

Birds in flight add to the movement of this mobile but we also love the colour change from bright red through orange to yellow. The birds are placed on the mobile so that a quick twirl and they look like they are flying around.

From: momastore.com

Cats Mobile - $36.00This would surely make a gorgeous gift for any cat lover. Four spooky cats that seem to watch your every move, crafted from die-cut colored cardstock with the largest cats measuring 6″ tall by 4″ wide.

From: hangingmobilegallery.com

Hanging Mobiles

This mobile is the closest you’ll get to a child’s but in adult form. The graphic shapes are in a mix of primary and pastel colours and revolve delicately in space, making this a really mesmerizing mobile.

From: dwellstudio.com

  • Ovals in Drop Style Kinetic Art Sculpture Metal Mobile – $45.00

Ovals in Drop Style Kinetic Art Sculpture Metal Mobile - $45.00

This is more of an artistic piece than a mobile. Every metal oval has been handcrafted, which means each drop is hand-cut and flame worked, then hammered and bent to reflect the light in different ways. They are sealed with a renaissance wax which preserves them.

From: skysetters.com

  • Hanging Mobile for the Art Lover – Leaf Wave Style in Salmon and Teal – $64.00

Hanging Mobile for the Art Lover - Leaf Wave Style in Salmon and Teal - $64.00

This mobile uses acrylic paintings on watercolour paper to create a stunning leaf effect that swirls and moves as if it is alive. It is lightweight which means that any soft breeze or current will get it moving. Comes in loads of different colour combinations.

From: skysetter.com

Flying the Skies Mobile - $95.00

There are two colour combinations available with this mobile, a pastel version (shown) or a primary colour. Crafted using stainless-steel rods, each hot air balloon is intricately detailed including the little woven baskets.

From: hangingmobilegallery.com

Q3 Arts Currents Mobile - $163.00

If nature and art are your thing then this mobile depicting the currents might catch you eye. A gorgeous rendition of whirling, swirling water made from anodized aluminium and copper that  moves with the slightest bit of air.

From: hangingmobilegallery.com

Pillow Fight Mobile - $395.00

This is a beautifully coloured mobile made from forged, polished hand-dyed anodized aluminium that swirls dramatically in the breeze to create all sorts of different shapes and patterns.

From: hangingmobilegallery.com

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