Ten of the Best Hand Mixers for 2017

hand mixers

If your heart sinks whenever you see a recipe that wants you to ‘cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy’ because there are no hand mixers in your kitchen you are not alone. But if this is stopping you from baking then obviously something has to be done.

Before you think about buying any kind of hand mixers, check out how they feel in your hands, too heavy and it will be just as tiring as if you were beating by hand, too light and you won’t get the control you need. Check out the controls on hand mixers, are they within easy reach while you are using the appliance so you can switch from slow to fast, do they actually have different speeds and settings? And remember that a long lead is handy if you don’t have many power sockets in your kitchen.

Now instead of putting off any kind of cooking that requires a bit of elbow grease, why not have a look at our recommendations for the best hand mixers and get that apron on!

Vonshef Hand Mixer – £15.99hand mixers

If you don’t do much baking and can’t justify forking out for expensive hand mixers than this is a good bargain. It comes with a powerful motor that will deal with most mixtures, but it does struggle a little on the lower settings with a thick dough. Has a turbo boost button and comes with two beaters, two dough hooks and a balloon whisk.

From: domu.co.uk

Zyliss Quick Whisk Rotary Hand Whisk – £19.99

hand mixers

We like this whisk because as well as dealing with all kinds of mixtures with ease, it also stands up when not in use, so instead of having to lie it on a work surface and contaminate the beaters, you just stand it up in the bowl. The handle is designed for comfort and you can wash the beaters in the dishwasher.

From: Lakeland.co.uk

Lakeland Easy-Store Hand Mixer – £24.99

hand mixers

The USP on this hand mixer is that you can fold the beaters under the main body of the mixer for smaller storage, so if space is a problem then this is perfect. Very powerful for such a compact hand mixer, it has just the three speeds but they were adequate and the beaters are removable.

From: Lakeland.co.uk

Swan Retro Hand Mixer – £27.81

hand mixersYou’ll always get a good-looking machine from Swan, particularly if you like the retro look, and this hand mixer is no different. Lots of colours available including cream (shown), red, blue, black white etc. Five speeds and a turbo boost covers all bases and there are whisks and dough hooks included.

From: amazon.co.uk

Russell Hobbs Easy Prep Hand Mixer – £39.99

hand mixers

For those that can never find attachments to their devices this will please you. The dough hooks and beaters attach to the main body of the hand mixer so you’ll never lose them. There are four speeds and the device has a nice weight to it. There are grooves in the handle for you to wrap the cable around as well.

From: amazon.co.uk

Bosch MFQ4020GB Styline Hand Mixer – £49.99

hand mixers

Very powerful 450w motor but lovely and quiet to operate. Comes with five speed settings including a pulse and turbo, has two stainless steel fine creamer beaters and two heavy duty ones and there is an eject button for easy release of the hooks. Cable wraps around the handle for easy storage.

From: sonicdirect.co.uk

Bodum Bistro – £49.99

hand mixers This is only one of a few hand mixers that comes in an array of different colours. We like the buttons on the handle which makes it easy to control the settings, of which there are five and it comes with three attachments including beaters and dough hooks. Quite a heavy device but well balanced in the hand.

From: argos.co.uk

Steba 300W Hand Blender – £51.99

hand mixers

We love the way the controls have been positioned on the top of the hand mixer, making it really easy to swap speeds whilst you are whisking or beating. There are 8 different settings including a turbo boost and eject button and the beaters and dough hooks are made from stainless steel.

From: wayfair.co.uk

Kenwood k-Mix – £72.35

hand mixers

A nice design on this hand mixer which has a good weight, is easy to use,  features lots of settings and stands when not in use which makes it one of our favourite hand mixers. This one whisks, beats, kneads and mixes and has five speed settings including a pulse setting. Nice rubberised handle which is non-slip and it comes with two attachments – beaters and dough hooks.

From: amazon.co.uk

KitchenAid Hand Mixer – £109.99

hand mixersIf you are a fan of KitchenAid then you probably already have one of their stand mixers. As they take up a lot of space however, the next best thing is a hand mixer. You get a massive 9 speed settings which give amazing precise control, and an impressive set of attachments including beaters, a mixing rod, dough hooks and a 16 wire whisk.

From: Lakeland.co.uk

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