Ten of the Best Gardening Products for Autumn Harvesting

Ten of the Best Gardening Products for Autumn Harvesting

Now that summer is almost over we see the arrival of the season of ripe fruits, misty mornings and foraging. Gone are the days when, as children, we all went apple scrumping, now most of us have our own allotments or garden patches ready to be harvested. And simple tools such as forks and hessian bags just won’t cut it any more, these days there are a veritable range of gardening accessories, designed to make life that little bit easier when it comes to harvesting your fruit and vegetables.

Here are our favourites:

Cross-Beam Fruit Press – £155

Cross-Beam Fruit Press - £155

If your garden is full of fruit trees and you simply have too many apples or pears to give to your neighbours, why not invest in one of these fruit presses? So simple to operate, you just lightly crush the fruit before popping into the press and then wind the handle for delicious strained juices.

From: harrodhorticultural.com

Bulldog Premier Potato Fork – £82.99

Bulldog Premier Potato Fork - £82.99

I had a job potato picking one summer and I can tell you it was back-breaking work. Make your life a whole lot easier with this nine prong potato fork from Bulldog. Each one of the nine tines has a small bulb on the end which allows the potato to pass around it and not get speared.

From: gardenstreet.co.uk

Jonas Swedish Berry Picker – £10.50

Jonas Swedish Berry Picker - £10.50

I used to love going blackberry picking with my dad in late September, and coming home with blackened teeth and hardly any berries. For those who want a few more to make preserves and a quick way of foraging, we really like these berry pickers by TV’s survivalist Ray Mears. In fact, they are a modern version of his Wild Food tools. Pop them on and run your hands through any berry laden bush.

From: raymears.com

Crocus Professional Telescopic Fruit Picker – £42.99

Crocus Professional Telescopic Fruit Picker - £42.99

No more straining on the edge of ladders to reach those hard to get at apples. This tool has an incredible 8 height settings which each lock into place, a sharp pair of snippers and a handy bag for the fruit to fall into.

From: crocus.co.uk

Vegetable Harvesting Knife – £9.95

Vegetable Harvesting Knife - £9.95

When a pair of secateurs just won’t cut it, you’ll need a proper harvesting knife, such as this one. It features a curved blade which is ideal for cutting thick stemmed vegetables that grow low to the ground, such as cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli. The blade is made from high carbon steel with a serrated edge.

From: greenhousesensation.co.uk

Primrose Beech Apple Storing Rack – £199.99

Primrose Beech Apple Storing Rack - £199.99

If you store apples together and one starts to rot it will soon infect all the others. That is why you have to allow space between them and let the air circulate. This storing rack does just that and looks pretty stylish too. Made from durable beech so it will last for many decades, it also comes fully assembled.

From: primrose.co.uk

Vegetable Sacks – £3.99


You can’t store potatoes or any other root vegetable in plastic bags as the air will not circulate to allow the produce to breathe. These reusable hessian sacks do just that. They measure a 40cm x 70cm, which is large enough for a decent few kilos of veggies.

From: harrodhorticultural.com

Herb & Chilli Dryer – £29.50

Herb & Chilli Dryer - £29.50

This product was actually shortlisted as ‘Product of the Year’ in the Chelsea Flower Show. A great present for yourself or a loved one, consists of reclaimed rubber wood and unbleached cotton that can be washed. This uses the traditional technique of air drying produce to make it last longer, so you are not restricted to chillies, but herbs, seeds, fruit, mushrooms and much more on this versatile dryer. Comes flat-packed with instructions.

From: greenhousesensation.co.uk

Harvesting Bag – £22.50

Harvesting Bag - £22.50

You can stop taking plastic supermarket bags out with you when you go harvesting as this bag is made for collecting fruit or vegetables. Sturdy and with an adjustable strap, the flexible strap around the rim holds the bag open for easy dropping of produce and you can wash any dirty fruit or veg whilst it is still in the bag, thanks to the mesh rubber construction.

From: vigopresses.co,uk

Traditional Sussex Trug – £23

Traditional Sussex Trug - £23

If you fancy wafting around your garden, stooping occasionally to pluck a delicate rose and hold it before your nose before placing it tenderly into a basket, like you are starrnig in one of your very own Jane Austin novel, this is the basket for you. Trugs are traditionally handmade using the same methods in Sussex for over 200 years. The basket is made from cricket bat willow and the frame is constructed from chestnut wood.

From: harrodhorticultural.com


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