Ten of the Best Garden Solar-Powered Lights 2017

solar powered lights

Solar-powered lights are a great way to make the most of your garden at night, when we all want to enjoy a few extra hours either chilling outside in the warm evenings or entertaining our friends.

Unlike the solar-powered lights of old that took forever to charge and only gave out a weak light, these new versions can change colour and include blue or warm whites.

Here are our favourites:

Gardman 3 Solar LED Branch Lights – £10.00

solar-powered lights

Mimic the natural foliage in your garden with these innovative branch lights. You get three solar-powered lights covered in LED lights that are shaped to look like leaves, and they work via a cable that runs from the branches to a solar panel from the first branch. Just stick the branches into flower beds, earth, borders or pots and let the sun do the rest.

From: gardenessentials.co.uk

6 Solar Powered Globe Pathfinder Lights – £11.99

solar-powered lights

These are perfect for lighting the way along a path or driveway as there is an automatic function that switches them on at dusk and turns them off after six hours. The lights are particularly bright as they feature high quality white LED lights and the innovative solar panel keeps them working for 365 days a year.

From: greatlittlegarden.co.uk

Blooma Aurora LED Solar Stake Light – £17

solar-powered lights

A set of six lights here that uses solid glass to house the LED lights and you can choose whether to have a white light or one that changes colour. The lights are not that big but they do give off a good light once charged up by the sun and each light is powered by a rechargeable AA battery. Just stick the lights where you want them in the garden.

From: diy.com

Collection Crackle Glass Colour Changing Solar Lights – 6 – £19.99

solar-powered lights

A lovely set of six crackle glass lights here that are made with stainless steel for durability and use multi-coloured LEDs for maximum effect in the garden. These are a little different from other solar-powered lights as they actually change colour slowly which creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere. Keep in direct sunlight for best effects in the evening.

From: argos.co.uk

10 Warm White Micro Solar Festoon Lights – £19.99

solar-powered lights

We love these festoon solar-powered lights because they look like electrical bulbs and you’d never think they used the sun to power them. Each bulb contains three little micro LEDs which are attached to a tiny wire giving the illusion of an actual bulb. With the set you get 2 metres of cable and ten bulbs with a stake to put in the ground. Each charge gives around six hours of light.

From: lights4fun.co.uk

3 Cloud White Miami Solar Lanterns – £22.99

solar-powered lights

These look amazing once they are charged and are typically used for weddings or engagements or even picnics and parties. There are three of these lanterns, one large and two smaller and they are lightweight and contain LED lights that give off a warm glow come the night-time.

From: lights4fun.co.uk

Home Solar Colour Changing Lights – £24.99

solar-powered lights

If you love a bit of colour in your garden you can’t go wrong with this set of 18 solar-powered lights from Argos. Not only are they the brightest lights we have ever seen they also change colour and with 18 they make quite a dramatic look. They work via a small solar panel on each light so you can put them anywhere in the garden, in a line or dot them around.

From: argos.co.uk

Yarra Solar Lantern Bundle £34.99

solar-powered lights

Another solar-powered light that doesn’t look like it is powered by the sun. This looks more like a Moroccan lantern that you would see in the sunny climes of a far-flung holiday resort, not in your back garden. This is a set of lanterns that includes one large and a smaller version and feature an LED shaped like a candle inside. Place on decking or patios for full effect.

From: lights4fun.co.uk

Philips myGarden Dusk Solar Powered Wall Light – £46.50

solar-powered lights

If you need a bright solar-powered light for security or you just don’t want to eat food outdoors in the dark then this light from Philips will fit the bill. You fix it to the wall and the brightness is unrivalled. This one has a huge solar panel on the top which receives the maximum sunlight and will give out over 6 hours of light on a days’ charge. There is also a version that features a motion sensor.

From: amazon.co.uk

The Solar Centre Lumify 300 – £75

solar-powered lights

Our most expensive solar-powered lights but you get 300 individual lights on a length of 32 metres with lights every 10cm. This set can be draped over hedges, wrapped around shrubs or hung over gazebos. They are also a good all year rounder as you can use them as Christmas lights via the USB charger in the winter.

From: johnlewis.com


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