10 Best Food Subscription Boxes

10 Best Food Subscription Boxes

If you have a foodie in your life then you probably have the easiest person in the world to buy a Christmas present for. Food subscription boxes have grown in the past few years from chocolates and wine to marshmallows, meal-kits and even healthy snacks. If your gift recipient has a particular fondness for a certain type of food, it’s really easy to find a food subscription box to match their tastes.

To help you, here are ten of the best food subscription boxes:

Primal Food Subscription Box – from £17.99 per month

Does your friend or loved one always complain that they keep on snacking on unhealthy chocolate bars or fatty crisps? This box from Primal contains a Paleo-friendly selection of snacks made with no dairy, gluten, grains but full of protein and all raw ingredients. Enjoy tasting biltong, kale chips, granola, chocolate bars and energy bites, all made with no added sugar and there are even vegan and vegetarian options.

From: primalsnackbox.co.uk

The Little Pancake Company Food Subscription Box - from £36 for 3 months

Everyone can make pancakes right? Not like these and in these flavours. Each month you get mixes that will blow your culinary socks off, including apple crumble, cherry and dark chocolate and rocky road. The mixes are generous enough to make pancakes for four people and taste absolutely divine. Each mix contains everything you need.

From: notonthehighstreet.com

The Ultimate Pong Food Subscription Boxes - from £28 per month

Got a cheese lover who likes really smelly cheeses? As the name pong would suggest, these cheeses are really only for those who love to breathe in the fumes of a particularly stinking bishop. You get a platter of cheeses every month which are all designed to work together to deliver a new level of stinky deliciousness. Typically you might get a soft cheese alongside a hard blue or a washed rind with a semi-soft or goat’s cheese.

From: pongcheese.co.uk

Lick My Dip - from £12.99 per Food Subscription Box

A range of spicy sauces here which include marinades, dips, rubs and spicy snack foods. Some months are especially themed, for example October delivered a ‘spooky’ box of treats. The best seller from this company was an unexpected hit that came from their pumpkin jam which was spiced with ‘Brainstrain 7 Pot’ chillies. Other favourites include chilli brownies and Hannibal’s Hot Sauce.

From: cratejoy.com

Cure and Simple Food Subscription Boxes - from £5.95 per month

Love bacon? Then you’ll adore this subscription box from Cure and Simple. Simply put it is bacon as it should be. No water added, in fact it is all removed, so all you get is the pure delicious taste of the meat, bred from the best Duroc and Large White pigs. The bacon is delivered vacuum-packed and is actually sprayed with dog repellent so it will not get eaten while you are at work! There a loads of different varieties from smoked and unsmoked with different kinds of curing available.

From: cureandsimple.com

  • Hotel Chocolat’s Tasting Club – from £60 for 3 months

Hotel Chocolat’s Tasting Club - from £60 for 3 months

For some people, the thought of getting chocolates every month is better than that well-known horizontal activity. And when you consider that the flavours are new recipes that are not even available in the stores yet, there’s a sense of excitement that comes with each delivery. Expect flavours such as Amaretto and Pear, Salted Almond Caramel. Raspberry Pannacotta, Eton Mess, Treacle Tart, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Gin-Infused Truffles, Apple and Blackcurrant and many more.

From: hotelchocolat.com

Mindful Chef Food Subscription Boxes – tailored to individuals requirements

Do you know someone who really wants to eat healthily but doesn’t have the time or the knowhow? These simple kits from the Mindful Chef are unlike other healthy meal kits as they contain every ingredient you need to make the perfect healthy meal. The way it works is that you pre-order what specific meals you want to try out in the week, and then on a Sunday or Monday all the fresh ingredients are delivered to your door with simple instructions on how to cook the meal. Lots of different options from single or couples and Classic or Plant-based.

From: mindfulchef.com

Bakedin Baking Club - from £23.99 for 3 months

Recipes approved by Michel Roux himself, this gift box is perfect for the baker in your life that just loves to bake, rather that search the internet for new ideas and having to go out and buy the exact ingredients. Everything is here and pre-measured so all they have to do it mix it and bake! Really lovely authentic ingredients too, such as locally sourced flour, Madagascan vanilla and Belgian chocolate, so no skimping on flavour. Baking recipes include Whoopie Pies, Carrot and Walnut Cake, BlackBerry Muffins and Rich Chocolate Cake.

From: bakedin.co.uk

Shortbread Gift Company Brownies Subscription Boxes - from £24.99 for 3 months

Brownies can be notoriously difficult to make, so why take the chance? This kit gives you a really delicious flavour every month that ranges from chocolate orange, banana nut, chili chocolate, salted caramel to traditional or even gluten free. The ingredients have no chemicals or preservatives so unfortunately you’ll have to eat up the brownies pretty pronto! Subscriptions range from three, six or 12 months.

From: notonthehighstreet.com

Farmison Steak Food Subscription Box - from £70 for three months

Nothing beats a great steak that has been aged for the longest time and taken from grass-fed cows. These butchers are considered to be Britain’s best, and with good reason. They have been producing premium steaks for years and have a great reputation. You get two different dry-aged steaks cuts every month for two people with cuts that include fillet and flat iron to sirloin and ribeye. These come from a variety of cows, including Aberdeen Angus, Galloway or Highland. Three or six months options available.

From: yumbles.com

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