Ten of the Best Flower Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Ten of the Best Flower Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Red roses are undoubtedly the most romantic way to show your loved one your feelings. There are, however, many other types of flowers and floral bouquets on the market, if you find sending red roses a little too predictable.

We’ve selected ten of the best flower bouquets that include red roses, if you want to keep it traditional:


If red roses are not your thing, or if you are sending a bouquet to someone other than your partner, classic white roses make just as dramatic a statement. Just one point with M&S bouquets, to save water, all their floral arrangements arrive in a ‘bud’ stage and bloom once cut and watered.

From: marksandspencer.com

A gorgeous and really unusual bouquet here that has touches of blue Eryngium, creamy white avalanche roses, splashes of naturally green chrysanthemums, finished with leafy foliage. This is one for the nature-lovers.

From: marksandspencer.com


If your partner is a fan of big, bright and bold colours, no doubt they will love these rainbow-coloured roses. A really eye-catching bouquet, the multi-coloured, rainbow roses are matched with two other types of rose and soft blooms of penny cress, all complete in its own hurricane glass vase.

From: Lakeland.co.uk


You don’t get much more romantic than this, gorgeous pastel pinks in varying shades, this bouquet includes the three types of roses, soft greenery and the most delicate little wax flowers that bring the whole arrangement together. Available in many different sizes, including 15 stems in the petite posy, 20 flower stems in the medium, 30 flower stems in the large and 45 flower stems in the abundant.

From: Selfridges.com

If your partner is a fan of Emma Bridgewater pottery then they will be delighted with this hand-painted heart jug. It contains a gorgeous mixture of two types of roses, red and pink, which correspond nicely with the jug, and foliage to match.

From: marksandspencer.com


For some ladies, only red roses will do on Valentine’s Day, and this arrangement from Interflora keeps it beautifully simple and elegant. You get the classic dozen red roses in a tall vase that are hand-tied and presented with leafy green foliage.

From: interflora.co.uk

Hand-grown by David Austin himself, this bouquet uses the finest roses to create the most stunning bouquets that not only look beautiful but have the most amazing scent. This one features a selection of three different roses, hand-tied with eucalyptus. Available in small, medium and extra-large bouquets.

From: selfridges.com

If you are looking for something really different to the overwhelming saturation of red this Valentine’s Day, this bouquet, containing blue sapphire-like agapanthus, pastel pink avalanche roses, complete with peachy spray roses and pink veronica, should fit the bill.

From: appleyardflowers.com

Sometimes red roses on their own can be a little overpowering, this bouquet mixes it up nicely with the addition of freesias, which add a lovely fresh scent to the arrangement.

From: fortnumandmason.com


Pure, unadulterated luxury, the stunning rose pink avalanche roses are complimented by the rose gold skimmia flowers and tiny fronds of rose gold umbrella fern.

From: paulthomasflowers.co.uk

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