Ten of the Best Easter Eggs for Children

Ten of the Best Easter Eggs for Children

Some people think that Easter is all about children and chocolate. When it comes to buying an Easter egg for your child, you’ll find there’s a huge variety of eggs available that include bunnies and eggs in white, milk or dark chocolate.

We’ve bought you the best Easter eggs for children so you don’t have to spend precious time during the holidays scouring the shops yourself.

Thorntons The Gruffalo Easter Egg (162g) - £3

A sweet milk chocolate egg here with the theme of Julia Donaldson’s tale of The Gruffalo. The box features illustrations that have been taken from the inside of the book itself.

From: sainsburys.co.uk

Aldi Dairyfine Giant Chocolate Bunny (450g) - £3.99

Very thick chocolate that is not too sweet and in bunny form, what’s not to like? A bigger than average bunny (a hefty 450g) that will last more than one day. Great value.

From: aldi.co.uk

Bettys Papier-Mâché Egg with Milk Chocolate Eggs (50g) - £4.95

If you prefer to keep control over what your children eat at Easter then this papier- mâché egg from Bettys might do the trick. You can fill it with your own sweets or mini eggs as you can keep the egg and use it year after year.

From: bettys.co.uk

Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Big City Bunny (150g) - £7.50

You can get this delightful rabbit in milk chocolate but for those children with a more discerning palette, who prefer something a little more grown-up, this dark chocolate version might hit the spot. It is also vegan-friendly and is made using 70 per cent dark chocolate.

From: hotelchocolat.com

Montezuma’s White Chocolate with Raspberry Eco Egg (150g): - £7.99

For those parents and children who are worried about polluting the environment with unnecessary packaging then this egg should be at the top of their shopping list. The outer wrapper is biodegradable and the egg itself is made from delicious white chocolate with raspberry nibs.

From: montezumas.co.uk

  • Divine 38% Milk Chocolate Egg with Joe & Seph’s Popcorn (232g) – £9.99

Divine 38% Milk Chocolate Egg with Joe & Seph’s Popcorn (232g) - £9.99

Combining two good brands to make an ethical Easter egg, this milk chocolate egg contains a high cocoa content without being too sweet and has salted caramel popcorn in the egg itself. You also get extra packets of sweet and salty popcorn inside.

From: ocado.com

Charbonnel et Walker Peter Rabbit Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (110g) - £12.50

Charbonnel et Walker have been making chocolate goods since the late 1800’s and this latest offering features the iconic Peter Rabbit beautifully wrapped up with a blue ribbon which even comes with a royal warrant.

From: johnlewis.com

Marks & Spencer Laid Back Lamb (420g) - £15

These lambs are being snapped up pretty quick, they are so popular that even adults are buying them for their partners. The egg itself is made with really thick chocolate and there’s a nice mix of white and milk which is creamy and smooth.

From: marksandspencer.com

Cocoapod Easter Eggs Decoration Kit (40g per egg) - £19.90

This is more of an Easter egg decoration kit and will keep your children amused for hours (hopefully). It contains flat eggs and everything you need to decorate the four flat eggs, including tiny sweets, chocolates, sticking chocolate and a brush.

From: notonthehighstreet.com

Artisan du Chocolat Balloon Egg (300g) - £25

These beautiful chocolate balloons sold out last year unsurprisingly which is why they are back this year. Made with passion fruit-flavoured milk and white marbled chocolate they come with edible laces and different flavoured mini eggs. Best suited for teenagers or young adults.

From: artisanduchocolat.com

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