Ten of the Best Double Buggy Prams 2017

Ten of the Best Double Buggy Prams 2017

Double buggy prams come in two varieties; the twin style where the two children sit next to each other, and the tandem where one is seated in front or above the other.

There are advantages to each variety; the twin style tends to be more lightweight plus both children have the same viewing experience. The tandem is narrower and easier to get through doorways.

When buying a new double buggy pram you should consider where you are going to be using it the most. Will you be going on public transport and need to get it up onto buses? Or will it have to be packed down to fit into a car boot?

Here are our top ten recommendations for the best double buggy pram:

Joie Aire Twin Stroller - £120.00

if you are looking for an affordable double buggy pram then this lightweight stroller has some great features including adjustable leg rests, seats that recline independently from each other and dual wheel suspension. You can start using it from newborns up to toddlers of 15kg and it is so easy to manoeuvre that you can push it with one hand.

From: mothercare.com

Chicco Echo Twin Pushchair - £129.99

A sturdy and robust pushchair here that can also be pushed with one hand. It can be folded down with a one-hand mechanism and is suitable for newborns to toddlers. The width might cause a few problems getting through doorways but great value otherwise.

From: very.co.uk

Graco Ready2Grow - £299.99

Loads of different seating options with this buggy to suit different sized children so you can use it for a much longer time that the others. There’s also a standing platform for older children and a bench seat. This buggy folds easily but is still quite bulky when packed down.

From: amazon.co.uk

  • Cosatto Shuffle Pushchair Hipstar – £364.95

double buggy pram

Lots of lovely extras with this pushchair that has a rear seat that is suitable for new borns and a front seat suitable from 6 months old. Includes a compact umbrella fold with auto-lock, comfortable front and rear chest pads and a cuddle nest for smaller babies. Comes with a nice storage basket and a carry handle. We love the three colour combos that you will have problems choosing from.

From: cosatto.com

Hauck Duett 2 - £371.19

Great value here that combines lots of different options to suit children of differing ages, thanks to the adjustable seating. Quite hard to fold up but when you have got the hang of it, it does pack down nicely. It manoeuvres well and is easy to steer.

From: amazon.co.uk

Baby Jogger City Mini Double - £449.99

This is not called a baby jogger for nothing. It has been designed for jogging mums and the buggy allows one baby to be seated in an upright position whilst the other one lies down to sleep. Lovely comfortable padding for both children and there is also venting in the back to keep your baby cool on hotter days. Comes with a large hood which means you don’t have to carry an extra umbrella on warmer days.

From: amazon.co.uk

double buggy pram

This double pushchair has won awards thanks to the seats which recline independently of each other, the 5-point safety harness in both cots, and the narrow chassis which makes it easy to push through doorways. A super-light frame makes it a cinch to manoeuvre and there are handy storage pockets and a large shopping pouch.

From: johnlewis.com

  • ABC Design 2017 Zoom inc 2 Seats – £700.00

ABC Design 2017 Zoom inc 2 Seats - £700.00

A really unusual design for a double buggy pram but ideal for twins who want to spend all day gazing at their sibling. It combines swivel wheels with a compact design to make it really easy to steer and capable of manoeuvring around the tightest of corners. Lightweight yet durable.

From: pramworld.co.uk

Joolz Geo Earth Duo Pushchair with Carrycot - £999.00

If you want a pushchair with everything in it that you require for your children then this is the one to buy. It features a carrycot, a second seat and a large shopping basket. It is suitable for a newborn and a toddler of nine months and above.  It contains a hypo-allergenic breathable mattress which you can also use at night, and the sun hood includes hidden ventilation.

From: johnlewis.com

Bugaboo Donkey Twin - from £1239

We have featured Bugaboo strollers on this website many times before as they are the choice of many celebrities, and for good reason. Known as the ‘Ferrari of strollers’, this one moves like the classic racing car, and it also looks amazing too. Tons of extra features as you would expect with lots of gorgeous colour combos to choose from too. The sort of stroller someone would buy if they wanted to turn heads.

From: mothercare.com

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