Ten of the Best Cycling Glasses 2017

Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses have not been around for very long, but are steadily gaining in popularity. As with motorcycle visors, cycling glasses will keep flying insects, dust kicked up from the road and rain out of your eyes. Important if you are racing or cycling in poor conditions.

When looking to buy a pair of cycling glasses consider that they should be lightweight and comfortable and protect you from UV rays. There are also lots of different options when it comes to the lens, you can get clear ones which are great for night cycling or yellow ones which help on overcast days. There are also photochromic which adapt to changing conditions.

If you want 180-degree vision then wraparound frames are good, but there are also cycling glasses that you can wear on and off the bike.

Here are the ten best cycling glasses that we recommend:

‘Mile High’ Cruise Sunglasses – £39.99

Cycling Glasses

Good quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune, as this pair from Cruise demonstrate. Originally designed for pilots, they are constructed from TR90 which is a very robust material, and are designed in a wraparound style which is great for keeping out insects and the wind. Lightweight and comfortable thanks to the flexible frame and the side-arm extensions and rubber nose-pads.

From: amazon.co.uk

Endura Char – £56.99

Cycling Glasses

We love the variety of accessories that come with this Scottish-made pair, including a cleaning bag and hard case. They also come with two different kinds of lens, clear and dark. The frames are not as flexible as some but still a comfy fit.

From: evanscycles.com

Tifosi Eyewear Marzen – £74.99

Cycling Glasses   If you want a pair of cycling glasses that can be worn on and off the bike then these are ideal. We love the retro look which, thanks to the clever twisting arm joints, means you can choose between a sporty version and a more casual one in seconds.  Because the frames are not wraparound you don’t get as good a peripheral vision as other glasses, but they are comfortable and stay on well because of the addition of rubber on the nose and ears.

From: tredz.co.uk

Oakley EVZero Path – £90.49

Cycling Glasses

Oakley already have an amazing reputation in the glasses industry, and this pair carry on that reputation. They feature a Plutonite lens which is perfectly clear, and the wraparound frame allows for great peripheral vision. They are really lightweight, weighing in at just 22g, but it is the incredible coating on the ears and nose, called Unobtainium, that we love which gets stickier as you sweat more.

From: chainreactioncycles.com

Salice 016 ITA – £105.95

Cycling Glasses

Based near Lake Como, this brand have been making glasses since 1919. This pair feature the unmistakeable colours of the Italian flag, and you get three different lens included with the pair, which are clear, yellow and photochromic. You can also turn this pair from a full frame into a half one by using the spare nose piece.

From: smartbuyglasses.co.uk

Rapha Pro Team Flyweight – £140.00

Cycling Glasses

If fast track or road racing are your preference then you’ll need a pair of cycling glasses that are really lightweight and stay on. This pair from Rapha are extremely lightweight and have been specifically designed for fast riding. They come with a UV-protective Carl Zeiss lens and the frame is made from a high-strength polymer.

From: rapha.cc

Smith Pivlock Arena Sunglasses – £129.99

Cycling Glasses

Comfort is key here with this pair of cycling glasses from Smiths. Every aspect of these glasses has been designed to provide extra comfort when worn. The frame and the shape of the lens are contoured and lightweight, and the lens also adapt to changing light and weather thanks to the ChromaPop lens.

From: rxsport.co.uk

Kask Koo Open Sunglasses: – £139.99

Cycling Glasses

Quality and design combined with innovation make these glasses the most sought after in the cycling world. The frames come with innovative swivelling arms which allows you to move the lenses into the best position. The lenses are from Carl Zeiss and you can switch between light and dark by simply popping up two small switches. Great peripheral vision and loads of choice of frame colours too.

From: acycles.co.uk

Poc Do Half Blade – from £154.40

Cycling Glasses

These are expensive but you are paying for the Carl Zeiss mirrored lenses which are pretty much perfect and give amazing vision as they are designed to give a greater contrast. Lightweight and comfy, they stay on well and come with a clever dog leg in the arms which give you more room in your cycling helmet.

From: tredz.co.uk

SpeedCraft SL – £159.99

Cycling Glasses

Based in California, this company signed up Peter Sagan, a successful cyclist to advertise their new design of cycling glasses. Not for the fainthearted, this pair feature very distinct pink and neon yellow frames with emphasis on riding. The raised centre part for instance makes sure that you do not have to look over the glasses or raise your head when riding, and you get a clear pair of lenses too.

From: chainreactioncycles.com

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