10 Best Christmas Presents for Travellers

Do you know someone who is always jetting off to some foreign country at the drop of a hat? Or is there a person in your life who has to travel frequently for work? Whomever you need to buy Christmas presents for, we have found the best Christmas presents that anyone who boards a plane, train or automobile.

  • Dolci+Limoni Weekender – $400.00

Dolci+Limoni Weekender - $400.00

Travellers always need a sturdy bag to carry their luggage with them, and this one is perfect as it is not only lightweight but durable and has loads of compartments and tons of room inside. There’s also a detachable clutch for your wash stuff or important personal items.

From: corroon.com

Airplane Necklace - $38.26

For the person that loves to jet off to a new destination or is a frequent flyer, this airplane necklace is a perfect gift. It comes in gold or silver and you can have the chain in different lengths, depending on where you want the plane to sit on your chest.

From: etsy.com

Crumpled City Maps - $4.79

Most of us use a mobile phone to navigate our way around a large and unknown city, but what if you lose your phone or have it stolen or the signal isn’t that great? Large bulky paper maps can get wet and are a pain to carry around. These maps are waterproof and foldable and you can crumple them up and they spring back into shape!

From: amazon.com

Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag – Navy - $68.00

This shaving kit bag from Owen & Fred is large enough to hold all your essentials and is made from sturdy duck canvas and denier nylon. It has YKK zippers to keep everything safe and shut tightly and is also waterproof. And of course there’s that handy reminder from your loved one inside if you get lonely on your travels!

From: owenandfred.com

Pack This Check List! - $4.85

This is a great christmas gift for that person who is always forgetting their essential things before they go away on a business trip or holiday. Now you don’t have to worry about them anymore, as they can check off every single item with this handy list.

From: amazon.com

ME05 - Earphones - $199

Ergonomically engineered to fit precisely, these earphones have superior sound quality and are designed to have a balanced weight distribution for a more comfortable fit, something that is important for longer haul flights.  The stylish finish includes laser etching and mirrored accents that reflect light.

From: masterdynamic.com

Airport Departures Board Print - $17.86

A lovely christmas gift for someone who wants to remember the great places they have already visited. Pick out their ten most memorable holiday destinations, adding the years they travelled, and pop them on the board.

From: etsy.com

  • Roll Up Travel Charger – $35

Roll Up Travel Charger - $35

Pack your charger in a smarter and more sophisticated way with this roll up travel charger. It contains a charger that is capable of charging up to four devices at once, with an Apple 30-pin, Mini USB, Micro USB, and Samsung charging connectors, all of which come out of a tube that rolls up into a slip-proof polyurethane mat and connects to power using a single wall wart. This leaves the other end available for a razor or laptop.

From: uncrate.com

The Traveler's Skin Care Kit - $41.00

Literally everything you need when you go away on a trip. This kit contains face washes, skin tonics, fortifying face balm, and essential face wipes, all in a handy pack.

From: ursamajorvt.com

Cute Puppy Microbead Pillow - $24.99

The cute puppy that turns into a travel pillow? What’s not to love! Simply unzip the back of the pup and remove the outer covering and the pillow pops out to reveal itself. Genius.

From: amazon.com

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