10 Best Christmas Gifts for Tea Lovers

People say you are either a coffee lover or a tea drinker, but as I’m both I disagree. If you know someone who loves a good cup of tea at any time of the day, you might be thinking of treating them this Christmas to some sort of tea-inspired christmas gifts. But what kind of christmas gifts? If you’ve run out of inspiration don’t worry, we’ve already looked for you and come up with these fantastic christmas gifts ideas that would please the fussiest of tea-drinkers.

The Tea Towel - $14.00

We all need tea towels and what is better for a tea drinker than one that gives a bit of history about tea itself? Spend hours poring over interesting facts instead of doing the drying up with this fascinating insight into the history of tea.

From: uncommongoods.com

Dessert Teas Gift Collection - $24.00

Got a tea-drinker with a sweet tooth? This is a perfect christmas gift for them. Includes 18 teabags with flavours such as Salted Caramel Mate, White Chocolate Mocha, Red Velvet, Black Forest, Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut, Decaf Vanilla Nut Crème, delicious!

From: stashtea.com

English Tea Shop – $19.69

Got a British friend living in the US that hankers after a decent cup or tea? Surprise and delight them with this tin of typical English Teas. There are 72 individually wrapped teabags with nine different flavours including a winter detox, chai immunise and an after dinner tea.

From: harrods.com

Tea Drop Sampler - $34.00

Nothing more than expertly blended morsels of tea, sugar and spices that you just drop into hot water that dissolve to give you a delicious cup of tea. This sampler set contains 5 drops each of these teas: citrus ginger, vanilla white, rose earl grey, sweet peppermint, and Matcha green tea, all held in a lovely wooden box.

From: uncommongoods.com

  • Evergreen Teavana® 16 oz Perfectea Maker – $18.36

Evergreen Teavana® 16 oz Perfectea Maker - $18.36

This tea maker has been designed to brew the perfect cup of tea, over and over again. The brewing chamber is large enough for the loose leaves to circulate, giving maximum flavour, and the patented drain mechanism prevents them from clogging up your cup. Makes 1–2 cups and is made of BPA-free Tritan polycarbonate.

From: teavana.com

  • Green Vintage Rose Cup and Saucer – $9.00

Green Vintage Rose Cup and Saucer - $9.00

This is a beautiful piece of crockery that you could have found at an antique fair and cost you more than a few dollars. This cup and saucer however have no defects or chips, is in pristine condition and divine for drinking the finest tea. It has gold-trimmed edges and delicate cherry blossom florals.

From: stashtea.com

Wine-Inspired Teas - $18.04

Got a friend who loves to drink tea and wine? This could be a match made in heaven. This is a green tea that is inspired by Sauvignon Blanc. To make the tea, natural ingredients were blended with a hit of fresh grapefruit to create that burst of crisp acidity you get with Sauvignon Blanc.  There are other wine-inspired teas in the range, including White Tea Riesling and Black Tea Merlot.

From: vintageteaworks.com

Stash Signature Tea Chest with Assorted Teas - $49.50

This is so special and it looks like an old vintage tea boa, we love it. It has 80 tea bags in 8 different flavours, including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai Spice Black Tea, Lemon Ginger Herbal and Peppermint Herbal. All stashed in this black-felt lined tea chest.

From: stashtea.com

  • Chai Tea Gift Basket – $22.59

Chai Tea Gift Basket - $22.59

The Chai Tea Gift Basket is perfect for anyone who loves Chai. You get a basket full of assorted chai teas, cinnamon honey sticks, and chocolate. There’s enough to share with the whole family.

From: englishteastore.com

Insulated Tea Infusing Bottle - $29.99

This is no ordinary thermos flask that keeps your hot drink warm for you. This bottle has a special built-in compartment that allows you to keep and steep your tea on the go.

From: uncommongoods.com

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