10 Best Christmas Gifts that Diabetics will love!

What christmas gifts do you buy a diabetic person? Truth is, if you haven’t got diabetes you probably don’t know a lot about the condition. Most people are aware that you cannot buy diabetics ordinary chocolate goodies, but apart from that we are a little in the dark as to what christmas gifts to get. If you have a diabetic friend or family member and you really want to treat them this year read on, as we have been researching the internet and come up with some pretty fabulous christmas gifts ideas:

Diabetic Meals in 30 Minutes - $14.95

For someone who has just been diagnosed with diabetes, it might be a struggle to know what they can eat and what to avoid, This is a very helpful book that gives quick and easy to follow recipes that even amateur cooks can do.

From: amazon.com

All Smiles Cookie Pot Arrangement - $56.90

Who doesn’t like a basket of cookies from time to time? The problem with diabetics is the amount of sugar in them. These cookies have no sugar in them at all so you eat them and not worry about your sugar levels going sky high.

From: aagiftsandbaskets.com

  • Luxury Box of Raw Chocolate –$25.62

Luxury Box of Raw Chocolate –$25.62

Perfect for diabetics or anyone who loves natural chocolate in its raw state. Made from the finest raw organic cacao, grown wild on the volcanic slopes in Ecuador, this chocolate is suitable for diabetics and vegans as it contains no added sugar, bee pollen or any other animal products.

From: notonthehighstreet.com

Diabetic Organizer Cooler Bag-for Insulin - $15.99

This sturdy pack can hold all your medical supplies needed and includes an ice pack that you freeze to keep your insulin cold.  It has been specially designed to fit in syringes, vials of insulin, test strips, log book and diabetic meters.

From: amazon.com

Deluxe Diabetic Gift Basket - $99.99

Gift boxes are typically all about sweets and chocolates, not this one, it contains some really lovely savoury products, such as delicious soups, smoked salmon, whole wheat pastas and other low sugar snacks and beverages. All these foods have been especially chosen as they keep your carbohydrate levels up at times when needed!

From: typefreediabetes.com

Dr. Scholl's Men's 2 Pack Non-Binding Diabetes – from $3.50 to $12.99

The problem many diabetics face is very poor circulation in their extremities. These socks have been specially designed to improve the circulation and prevent the arteries dying away. Customer reviews give these socks 5 stars for comfort.

From: amazon.com

Twelve Bar Raw Chocolate Gift Box - $44.83

Select your own flavours from this award-winning company’s chocolate bars. You can choose between goji berry, pink Himalayan salt, mint crisp, cinnamon and raisin, dark chocolate and many more. Made using only the finest raw ingredients from Peru. Your gift box contains 12 chocolate bars, all of which are free from refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, gluten, wheat, and dairy.

From: notonthehighstreet.com

Sugar Free Gourmet Bite-Sized Morsel Brownie Sampler - $25.95

These delicious brownies have no added sugar but you seriously would not be able to tell. Presented in a lovely gift box, there are 24 bite-sized morsels that would tempt non-diabetics. 12 fudge brownies and 12 chocolate walnut make up this lip-smacking treat.

From: aagiftsandbaskets.com

Plenty 4 You Ultimate Sugar Free - $32.88

This is the perfect bag of goodies for anyone who is a diabetic, looking for a low-carb snack bag or just wants to cut down on the sweet stuff, You get four bags of candies, microwave popcorn, cookies, almonds and assorted chocolates, all sugar-free.

From: amazon.com

Portion Control Tool - $7.21

Keeping control of your portion sizes when you are a diabetic is really hard, but with this handy portion control tool you can easily stick to the right amounts of vegetables, carbohydrates, starch and protein. Simple to use, it fits most dinner plates, all you do is follow the serving suggestions and measure away!

From: amazon.com

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