Ten of the Best Bucket and Spade Sets 2017

Ten of the Best Bucket and Spade Sets 2017

Holidays by the sea are the stuff that childhood dreams are made of. I still have the fondest memories of running onto the beach in Cornwall, bucket and spade in hand, and being occupied for hours upon hours until it was time to go home.

You might think that, as a parent, one bucket and spade set is much like another, but you’d be mistaken. Some include moulds and watering cans whilst others have buckets that are shaped as castles.

When buying a bucket and spade set consider the age of the child who will be playing with it. You only need something basic with toddlers but older children might like a more sophisticated set that comes with added extras such as sand moulds and watering cans.

Here are our suggestions for the best bucket and spade sets:

  • Wilko Bucket With Spade – £1.50

Wilko Bucket With Spade - £1.50

If you are simply after a basic bucket with a spade you can’t go wrong with this one from Wilko. It comes in either orange (shown) or purple, customers include grandparents who want to keep a couple of spares for when the grandchildren come to stay.

From: wilko.com

  • 6 Piece Beach Toy Set In Bag – £3.99

6 Piece Beach Toy Set In Bag - £3.99

This is amazing value for money. First up you get a handy carry case to transport all the beach toys around, plus you get the standard bucket and spade, a rake, a sandcastle mould, a watering can and water spin. Loads of items and the best bargain by far.

From: poundstretcher.co.uk

John Lewis Bucket and Spade Set - £4.80

A really good value bargain set here that is bright and colourful and includes plastic sand moulds, a rake, a spade and a watering can. Suitable for children over three years of age.

From: johnlewis.com

Baby Bucket Set - £6.00

Basic shapes and bright primary colours makes this an ideal bucket and spade set for babies and small toddlers. There is a substantial bucket that comes with a sand mould of a fish, alongside a rake and a spade.

From: elc.co.uk

  • Sizzlin’ Cool 8 Piece Bucket Set – £6.99

Sizzlin' Cool 8 Piece Bucket Set - £6.99

Great value in this six-piece bucket set that includes a huge square bucket, four sand moulds, a rake, watering can, and a spade.

From: toysrus.co.uk

  • Early Learning Centre Bucket Sieve Water – £7.00

bucket and spade

This bucket and spade set has toddlers in mind and is ideal for getting little ones to use their imagination in the sand. They can build with the bucket and spade and use the spade for scooping out rivers which can then be filled with water from the watering can.

From: debenhams.com

Branford Medium Bucket Set - £9.99

Really well thought out design on this bucket and spade set as the lid has cut outs that you can fit the accessories into to ensure they don’t get lost. The extras include 3 sand moulds, a spinning wheel, a toy truck, a rake, a sifter and a shovel.

From: smythstoys.com

  • Melissa and Doug Seaside Sand Baking Set – £9.99

Melissa and Doug Seaside Sand Baking Set - £9.99

An unusual take on the traditional bucket and spade set here from Melissa and Doug which is essentially a baking set complete with shell-shaped measuring cups, a crab mixing spoon, an octopus whisk and the turtle lid can be used to ‘sift’ the sand.

From: argos.co.uk

  • Sandcastle Bucket Set – £10.88

Sandcastle Bucket Set - £10.88

This is the perfect bucket and spade set with the buckets shaped as castles, a lid that doubles up to hold all the extras which include a rake, a spade, a watering can and sand moulds.

From: tesco.com

  • Chad Valley 11 Pieces Sand Truck Bucket and Spade Set – £10.99

Chad Valley 11 Pieces Sand Truck Bucket and Spade Set - £10.99

Lovely extras with this bucket and spade set including the sand truck which can be filled up with sand and transported around the beach. There are also sand moulds, a bucket, a watering pot, a spade and a handy rake.

From: argos.co.uk

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