Ten of the Best Bicycle Locks

Ten of the Best Bicycle Locks

If you read our recent article on the SkunkLock but were frustrated that it was not available in stores yet, worry not. We have listed the best bicycle locks that money can buy, ranging from the budget-buy to the virtually fool proof.

Bike locks come in several varieties, from chain locks to cables or D-locks. They are rated in Sold Secure Levels starting with bronze going up to gold at the highest level.

Remember, that decent locks should go around not only the frame of the bike and the bike rack, but also the wheels too. And you shouldn’t skimp on forking out for a bicycle lock either. Don’t expect insurance companies to be too sympathetic if you used a ten pound lock to secure a bike worth considerably more. Insurers recommend spending at least 10% of the bike’s cost on the lock.

Here are our suggestions:

Masterlock Steel Armoured Cable Lock – £17.99

Masterlock Steel Armoured Cable Lock - £17.99

Good all-rounder here for inexpensive bikes that you just want to secure with something that will deter most thieves. The tough armoured cable comes with a high security locking mechanism that is hard to pick or drill. Lifetime warranty from manufacturer to give you piece of mind.

From: argos.co.uk

On-Guard 8005 Pitbull Keyed Shackle Lock – £22.98

On-Guard 8005 Pitbull Keyed Shackle Lock - £22.98

Four-sided protection with hardened steel in bright yellow that sends a clear message to thieves – move on! On-Guard are well-known in the security industry as tough protectors. The Quattro bolt secures the bike in four places, there is a pick-resistant lock and a snap release which makes it user-friendly.

From: amazon.co.uk

Kryptonite Evolution LITE Mini 6 – £40.49

Kryptonite Evolution LITE Mini 6 - £40.49

If you are looking for a light-weight bike lock then this one from Kryptonite might tick a few boxes. It weighs just 747g, which means it is the lightest miniature lock on the market. Comes with a silver secure rating so it is a hardy little thing. Manufactured using hardened steel and even comes with anti-rattle bumpers, if you are concerned about riding over cobbled or uneven streets and making a racket.

From: evanscycles.com

Hiplock V1.50 Original – £55.00

Hiplock V1.50 Original - £55.00

From the light to the heavy now, the Hiplock weighs in around 1.95kg. Heavy duty silver-rated 8mm hardened steel protected with a tough outer nylon sheath, long enough to fit around the wheel and frame of any bike. Designed to be worn like a belt around the waist.

From: wiggle.co.uk

ToxTech Steel Chain Lock – £18.99

ToxTech Steel Chain Lock - £18.99

Inside the PVC coating are 17 steel chains that would deter the most determined of bike thieves. Comes with a combination lock so no need to worry about losing keys, and easy to lock around the saddle when not in use.

From: amazon.co.uk

Oxford Heavy Duty Chain and Padlock – £29.99

Oxford Heavy Duty Chain and Padlock - £29.99

If you are looking for a real heavy-weight chain that is both long and sturdy, the Oxford Heavy Duty Chain and Padlock is just what you need. Comes in 1m or 1.5m lengths, and features a 10mm linked chain with a padlock that has a Gold Sold Secure level rating. Be prepared though, it weighs a hefty 2.7kg.

From: sportsbikeshop.co.uk

Master Lock Street Fortum Gold Sold Secure D Lock – £43.97

Master Lock Street Fortum Gold Sold Secure D Lock - £43.97

Rated a Gold Sold Secure, the Master Lock comes with steel alloy shackles and cylinders that are both anti-pick and can resist drilling. Fully weather-proof, it comes with a dust cover and the manufacturers are so confident about the product they are offering a lifetime guarantee against any defects and mechanical faults, and are also providing an additional cable so you can secure your wheel too.

From: tesco.com

Abus Bordo 6000 Folding Bike Lock – 52.61

Abus Bordo 6000 Folding Bike Lock – 52.61

This is a folding lock made from 5mm steel bars with two extra soft components so that they do not scratch the paintwork of your bike. Made from especially hardened steel, it folds down to a handy smaller size to fit into a backpack.

From: amazon.co.uk

Knog Bouncer Bike Lock – £39.99

Knog Bouncer Bike Lock - £39.99

A lightweight option here weighing in at 800g, and rated as a bronze from Sold Secure, made from hardened steel and features a protective scratch –resistant silicone coating. The entire locking system is encased which makes it extremely difficult for a thief to open it.

From: wheelies.co.uk

Abus Granit X-Plus 540 230mm – £99.99

Abus Granit X-Plus 540 230mm - £99.99

Saving the best until last, this D-Lock from Abus has a Sold Secure Gold security rating and for good reason. It features a double locking system, the shackles are made of parabolic steel, which are super resistant to any sort of twisting, cropping or burning. The shackles are held in place by a sturdy double lock system and the keyhole cover illuminates in the dark for easy access and release. Expensive but worth it if you have an expensive bike to protect.

From: evanscycles.com

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