10 Best Artificial Christmas trees that look real!

10 Best Artificial Christmas trees that look real!

If you are already planning your Christmas decorating and are wondering whether to get a real or artificial Christmas tree, you are not alone. Already in the shops, artificial Christmas trees have got a bad reputation for not being very green and eco-friendly, but there are some experts that say buying one tree and making it last for years and years is the perfect way to recycle.

Whatever your thoughts on climate change, here are our best trees that are fake but look real:

The Outdoor Frosted Fir (3ft to 4ft) – from £32.99

Not all of us have the space for a huge 7 foot tree so this one is great for popping in corners and you get two sizes to choose from. We really like the frosted effect on the branches, which has been applied just on the tips and edges of the branches for a great authentic look.

From: christmastreeworld.co.uk

The Greenland Pine Tree (4ft to 8ft) – from £69.99

If you just want a basic tree that provides you with a base in which to decorate, this is a great option. Nothing fancy, but a classic that will never go in or out of fashion meaning you can use it year after year. Really easy assemble.

From: christmastreeworld.co.uk

Marks & Spencer 6Ft Snowy Christmas Tree - £99.00

With a natural look, this tree has beautifully lush branches that have a scattering of frost over them. Lots of space in-between for hanging decorations and a lovely shape that tapers to the top.

From: marksandspencer.com

7ft Snowy Nobilis Fir Feel-Real Artificial Christmas Tree - £179.99

This tree looks like you have just been out into the forest and chopped it down to bring indoors. Lovely frosted look which has been done really well, you’ve got clumps on frost in areas and a light dusting in others. A great tree for a good price.

From: hayesgardenworld.co.uk

John Lewis Chamonix 7.5ft Scots Pine Christmas Tree - £180.00

We really like the way the branches on this tree mimic the true branches of a Scots Pine. The upswept branches are ideal for hanging decorations and look very realistic, even when you get up close.

From: johnlewis.com

Hartford Grande Feel-Real Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree by National Trees - 6.5ft - £215.99

Another tree moulded from real tree branches here which give a truly amazing effect up close. The branches are situated on the tree to give maximum hanging space for your decorations and you get a reusable carton to pack it all away in.

From: gardentrends.co.uk

Balsam Hill 7ft Nordmann Fir Candle-Lit Version - £449

This tree is available in 4 foot versions fight up to 12 foot in lit and unlit varieties. The most lifelike we have ever seen, probably due to the needles being made from live tree cuttings which give an amazing authenticity. Sale on at the moment so bag a bargain before Christmas.

From: balsamhill.co.uk

Pre-Lit Tree Frosted Colorado Tree 5.5ft - £480.00

Some might say that 5.5 foot is the perfect height for a Christmas tree, neither too tall nor too small. This one is pre-lit which saves a fortune on Christmas lights and the branches on the tree go right from the bottom to the top, giving you plenty of space to hang your decorations.

From: selfridges.com

9ft Pre Lit Green Snow Effect Liberty Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones was £899.99 now £799.99

This Christmas tree is a 9ft, pre-lit, with a snow effect and even has pine cones for extra authenticity. Contains over 4,000 tips and 750m warm led lamps to give an impressive look to your Christmas decorations.

From: festive-lights.com

12ft Pre Lit Green Bayberry Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree – was £1,499.99 now £1,399.99

Yes, paying over a grand is a lot for a Christmas tree but if you have a hotel or an old style house with tall ceilings you are going to end up paying more every year if you buy a real tree. Plus you have all the mess when the pine needles drop! This tree has hinged branches, is pre-lit with 1,500 warm led lights.

From: festive-lights.com

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