Temping – Why It’s Not Such A Bad Idea

If you have been made redundant you will probably be looking for another job, and hopefully a permanent one. You

Temping - ehow.co.uk

Temping - ehow.co.uk

might have financial commitments, such as a mortgage or rent and bills to pay each month, and considering obtaining temporary contracts may sound too risky. But don’t be too hasty to turn down a temporary job offer, particularly if you don’t have any other job offers.

Agencies now have a lot of permanent, semi-permanent or temporary leading-to-permanent vacancies

Many companies now go to recruitment agencies in order to gain staff under temporary contracts with the view of making some of them permanent. This way they get to choose their permanent staff based on how they work and how their personality fits in with the company’s ethos, rather than from a brief interview when work skills are not assessed so well.

This means that many potential employers will never advertise permanent vacancies, and the only “foot in the door”  is by being selected by an agency and beginning with a temporary contract.

Do not forget that these are tough times we live in: many companies are downsizing and can not afford to hire new employees. In other words, this is not the right time to be demanding.

Agencies give you free skills checks and courses

Most recruitment agencies have aptitude tests in a variety of subjects, such as numeracy, word processing or using spreadsheets with free courses for those whose skills need brushing up or boosting. As well as this, agencies also proofread your CV and offer free tips and advice on improving it and increasing your chances of being selected for interview.

They allow you to trial new career paths without making official career changes

Many agencies will give you a chance at trying out a job even if you have no experience, depending on your qualifications and your ability to pass related tests. This means that you can have a go at working as a payroll clerk, for example, without actually having to make a decision to do the job on a permanent basis.

This is also a good way at gaining experience in a variety of different roles and completing different tasks and projects.

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