Televisions for children’s rooms: Top of the TV sets

There’s a lot of controversy over whether you should let your child have a television in their room.

Previous research has established that more screen time is linked to higher rates of obesity. And a new study has gone even further, finding that kids who have a television in their own bedroom tend to watch even more, something scientists have linked to a greater risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

But, if you’re confident of monitoring your youngster’s viewing even if they do have a set in their room and are intending to buy a new television for them for Christmas, here are some of the TVs on the market designed for children and smaller rooms.

Alba pink model

alba pink

Perfect for a girlie girl’s room, Alba’s 16-inch model comes in pink or, well, pink. There’s either pale pink or shocking pink depending on what goes best with the décor – just as long as it’s pink. There’s a decent quality Nicam stereo sound system and LED backlighting, which gives a brighter picture with less power needed. There’s a child lock, so you can block certain channels to make sure your little one can’t access inappropriate content and a sleep timer so you can programme the TV to turn off at a certain time. RRP around £130.

Hanspree Zebra television

Hannspree zebra

Is it a television? Is it a plush toy? Both, we guess, although I don’t think we’d fancy cuddling one of these. But Hannspree’s gizmos are a pretty unique take on TV sets. This soft TV is a cute zebra featuring iconic black and white stripes. With a 19-inch screen, there are over-sized buttons to make it easier for children to control. It also comes in camel, crab, polar bear and giraffe models and there’s a 10-inch version shaped like a panda. Great for any little animal lover. RRP from £140.

Hello Kitty TV

Hello Kitty TV

Staunchly aimed at the younger viewer, this Hello Kitty TV will appeal to fans of the character along with those who just want a pink television. With a 15-inch screen, its compact dimensions are just the right size for a smaller bedroom. It comes with a ready-assembled stand and there are also Hello Kitty stickers included to decorate your new television with. RRP £150.

Cello interchangeable front TV

Cello tv

We know how often children can change their mind. No sooner have you decorated their room one colour, they decide they want it a different hue. Cello’s gadget comes with an interchangeable front so you can change it to suit changing décor. You can have either black, silver or pink, depending on what goes best. Features include built-in Freeview, auto tuning and a low power consumption.

Disney High School Musical television

Disney High School Musical TV

For fans of the musical starring Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, this set is designed to look like the lockers in the movie series. In striking red, this 15-inch model looks as if it could easily be a prop from the franchise. RRP £90.

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