Technology: What can we expect for 2013?

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This year has seen the rise of the iPhone, Windows 8, 4G and smart televisions, but what can we expect for 2013? More of the same? Have we reached a product wall and has the industry come to a natural plateau? Or is the best yet to come? We look at mobiles, TV’s, gadgets, computers and the internet and predict what we think will be the new technology for 2013.


Televisions are definitely going to get even smarter, with more and more relying on voice and gesture controls, which will now be offered as standard. The sets themselves will become even thinner and wider, but in some cases, televisions will take a bit of a back seat in people’s living rooms, as you will see many other devices being used too. Hand held gadgets such as tablets, smart phones and laptops will all have their place in the family space, so don’t expect the big TV in the corner of the room to take centre stage any more. People will be doing their own thing, watching what they want on their own individual devices.


Everyone must have seen Kevin Bacon, centre of the Universe, talking about EE and 4G, well he’s not wrong. 4G mobile speeds are coming. This is a super fast service that has been available via the EE network for the last couple of months now, but 2013 will see the other networks launch their own service. However, expect high prices and a slow start, which might put off users at first. And bear in mind that Apple’s iPhone 5 will not be compatible with the new 4G services, though it does work on EE’s network. That means iPhone users, who are usually willing to spend money, aren’t going to be considering 4G until later in the year.


Social media sites, such as Facebook and perhaps Twitter, will be subject to some pretty aggressive advertising in 2013, as the network attempts to claw back some profit to its shareholders. And remember, that Mark Zuckerberg always promised that Facebook would be free to its users, so he has to make some money somehow. Martin Ash, of research firm Millward Brown, says: “Facebook will morph from a relatively private social space to a business entity driven by the bottom line.” How will Facebook users like this relatively new look on the social media site? Historically they have been opposed to any sort of change.

The reappearance of Microsoft?

Research is predicting that 2013 will see Microsoft reasserting its dominance in the world of technology. Juniper Research says: “There are 1.3 billion people worldwide who use Windows and eight million developers building apps for Microsoft’s devices, showing how huge the possibilities are for Microsoft in 2013.” However, the company admits that Microsoft faces an uphill climb if its to compete with Apple and Google, whose mobile platforms are already well established.


With new technology already in production, such as Google’s Glass project – smart glasses that connect you to the internet, and Apple rumoured to be developing the iWatch, 2013 will be the year of wearable technology. Word on the street is that this new technology is going to get a lot smarter, and be used on sporting applications, such as wrist bands and fitness clothes with shoes that have embedded sensors.


With all these new gadgets we carry around with us, we are all going to become much more security conscious. However, with the invention of the cloud, our details are now being stored in one place, and hacking thieves will be trying very hard to infiltrate this app. Security firm Imperva warns that hackers will increasingly target cloud services, where more of our data is kept. Small vulnerabilities in one service can be used to grab information which can be used to attack other services.

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