Tatler reveals the Best Posh Nosh from Budget Supermarkets


Posh magazine Tatler usually runs stories on those living the high life in society. They’ll let you know how you can run a stately home, they’ll give you the best recipes for the perfect canape, or let you into what the Royals are up to. But recently they have discovered that not everyone can live the Tatler lifestyle, so they have conducted taste tests with posh and budget supermarkets to see whether the posh life can be achieved on a shoestring.

So far budget supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl have come out tops with products such as steak, duck breast and smoked salmon making it onto Tatler’s list.

Tatler say that you don’t need to earn a fortune to live the Tatler lifestyle, simply by a little canny shopping you can eat like the posh and sup like the rich and famous.

Tatler have put together a handy list of products so you know the best bargains as tested by the Tatler team:


Pomegranate Noir Luxury Reed Diffuser – £3.99


Specially Selected 30-day Aged Fillet Steak – £5.49


Specially Selected Duck Breast (two portions) – £3.29


Specially Selected Manuka Honey NPA 5+ – £6.99


Veuve Monsigny Champagne – £10.99


Luxury No. 1 Lime, Basil & Mandarin Candle – £3.99


Caviar Illumination Day Cream – £6.99



Deluxe Oak & Applewood Smoked Scottish Salmon Slices – £2.99


Allini Vino Spumante Extra Dry Prosecco – £5.79


Hortus London Dry Gin – £15.99


Comte de Senneval Brut Champagne – £9.99


These bargains show that the German budget supermarkets are trying hard to capture the middleclass shopper as well as those looking for a good deal. Typically shoppers at these types of supermarkets went to bargain stores such as Aldo and Lidl because they wanted to make their cash stretch a little more, but more recently these supermarkets have gained a reputation for top quality products and great bargains and this has meant some of the stigma of shopping there has definitely vanished.

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