Tanya Heath makes shoes with multiple heels!

multiple heels

Wouldn’t you want a shoe that adapts to your requirements throughout the day? A shoe that can take you from work, to an evening engagement and then to a casual drinks party at night?

Tanya Heath thinks she has the answer. She has invented the world’s first shoes that come with removable heels.

Tanya Heath is fashion designer that is set to revolutionise the way we wear shoes.

She has created a system that allows you to swap the heels on a pair of shoes, giving you multiple options on how to wear that shoe.


Each pair of shoes in the Tanya Heath range have a system where the heels can be removed via a lock and click device. To release them you simply press on a catch and remove them.

There are multiple heel options, from different styles such as stack heels, stiletto, kitten, etc. There are also different heights, colours, finishes and fashion trends.

So imagine if you are at work and are wearing a comfortable office shoe with a low heel. You are going to a fancy dinner straight after work but you don’t want to take another pair of shoes with you.


Tanya Heath’s shoes lets you bring along another pair of heels that fit your comfortable office shoe and turns them into a glamourous evening pair.

Or how about if you are travelling abroad on holiday and you want to save on carry-on space. Just take one pair of Tanya Heath shoes but bring along multiple heels instead.

multiple heels

In the shoe collection are three different styles called Power, Liberty and Seduction.

  • The Power collection is primarily designed for the office and beyond.
  • The Liberty collection is primarily designed for vacations and beyond.
  • The Seduction collection is primarily designed for stand out occasions, such as weddings.

Tanya has her eye on a few celebrities that she would love to try her shoes on:

“There are so many women who I admire. I would love Kate Middleton to try a pair because she has single-handedly re-branded fashion for the monarchy.

“And also Emma Thompson, who was so clearly unhappy with the comfort of her heels last year at the Academy Awards.”


She goes on to explain where she got the idea for multiple heels from:

“[The inspiration was] From my life. I wore high heels to work, to restaurants, to parties.

“I wore them everywhere but I could never manage the pain. Once I nearly had a car accident when my heel locked under the brake.

“I just fantasised non-stop about a shoe where you could just take the heels off, and that would go from a comfortable low-heel to a high-heel, and still make me look good!’

1433197166659If anyone thinks that once she got the idea the rest was easy, think again:

“It took 14 engineers and two and a half years to perfect the arch and the clip.

“Once we had a working principle, over 10 designers, shoe technicians and last specialists worked on creating styles that work in multi-height.”

Tanya’s company also offer a bespoke service for weddings, including the bride, bridesmaid or another other member of the bridal party.

And when it comes to her own brand she certainly puts her money where her mouth is, as she admits to wearing a pair from her collection ‘every day of my life for the past 3 years!’

For more information visit tanyaheath.com

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