Taking Care of Your Gillette Fusion Blades

Let’s face it, Gillette Fusion blades don’t come cheap, and almost all of us would like to extend the life of each cartridge for as long as we can. There are several ways to do this of course, and each method that you can use will greatly contribute to a few dollars off your expenses. During these hard times, it is important that we save every penny possible, especially with something that we need to buy on a regular basis. Here are a few things that you can do to prolong your use of Gillette blades and cartridges.

First off, it is important that you avoid shaving when your facial hair is dry. Hair is coarse and rough, and this can cause your Gillette Fusion blades to dull sooner than you realize. An excellent shave is a result of a sharp razor, and you can’t achieve this with a dull blade. The best time that you can shave is during your morning bath, when your facial hair is more likely to be wet and soft. This will also allow you to easily lather your face with a shaving cream for a cleaner shave.

Another thing that you can do to preserve the life of your Gillette cartridges is by using warm water instead of the normal tap water that you normally use. Warm water is easily absorbed by the skin and opens up your pores so that the hairs can be easily shaved off with a closer finish. It also makes the facial hair softer, therefore eliminating the strain from your razor when shaving. A lot of men recommend shaving after a warm shower, as this produces the most excellent results.

Do you leave your razor lying around the sink after you shave? This is one practice that results in the dulling of your razor’s blades, especially if you leave it still wet and not thoroughly rinsed. Make it a habit to dry off your Gillette Fusion blades right after your shave and put it in its proper casing. This will prolong the blades’ efficiency and sharpness, while preventing rust from accumulating in the blade because of excess water trapped in the cartridge.

The proper care for all things that we use is very important, especially the ones we use for our physical hygiene. Make it a habit to care for your Gillette Fusion blades as this will allow you to use it for a longer period of time and avoid additional expenses on your part

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