Taking Advantage of Indian Summer

Funnily enough, now that autumn has properly arrived, some lovely late summery days have come in. Better late than never – but you’ll want to be prepared to take full advantage of them.

First of all, if you can clear your schedule a bit, do so. Alternatively, rearrange it so you can get some sunlit hours to yourself. If you have kids, a trip to the park after school can be the ideal way to enjoy some of the warmer weather. Playgrounds will be fun for them, and obviously you can bring a picnic for snack time. Don’t forget to bring some drinks to avoid dehydration, and if you have any worries about the weather, Pac-a-Macs are a good, light-weight option. Bring a ball and a badminton set and have at it – you’ll have a wonderful time!

If you enjoy lying out in the sun, investing in a high-factor sunscreen is imperative. Even in the later days of summer, or early days of autumn, sunburns remain a possibility, and the rays of the sun can do damage even without burning you. Getting a chair or a towel and installing yourself comfortably outside will allow you to really relax. Buy in some magazines and a nice drink and give yourself a treat. If you haven’t got a garden, just use the balcony. You could even open up the windows and take some time to lie on the sofa or carpet in a ray of sunshine.

Don’t forget to turn the heating down; while recent colder weather has caused many people to turn their heating on for the first time in months, the warmer days allow you to save a few pennies if you remember to turn everything down. Keep windows open; you’ll enjoy the nice warm air as it refreshes your window. Soon, you won’t be able to air out the house without freezing yourself to pieces!

Finally, take your time and try to dry clothes on the line. It may well be your last chance this year, so have a go and take a risk. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather, but some areas in the country have had reliably wonderful weather for the last few days. If this is you, take a load off and save some pennies on your dryer.

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