Take The Strain out of Gardening

Not that we have had much gardening weather recently, but for those of us who are reaching our later years but still love to potter around in our green spaces, sometimes gardening can become a bit of a chore. When your knees groan everytime you get down to weed your beds, or your arms strain at the thought of reaching those overgrown branches, you’ll need tools to help take the strain out of gardening. And this is where Coopers of Stortford excel. Their attention to detail, high quality design, utilising the best materials all go into the finest and most innovative gardening products on the market today. So whether it’s getting down and dirty that you have a problem with, or reaching for the stars, Coopers will see to it that the strain is taken up by their fantastic range of tools, manufactured especially for the job in hand.  In the meantime, here are our favourites:

Getting up and down to do those garden chores can be quite a strain on both back and knees especially in wet weather. This clever soft kneeler is a handymans boon. Made from robust steel tubing designed around a raised, comfortable kneeling platform of polypropylene foam, it also has arms that are just the right height to assist getting back up without back strain. And for those jobs where you need a little height just turn the kneeler over for a comfy seat. Folds flat in seconds for easy storage. Measures H 48cm x W 59cm x D 28cm (19ins x 23 1/4ins x 11ins).

If you want to remove overhanging branches or thin out your trees from the safety of the ground, the Victor Garden Tools 710W mains powered Branch Lopper Chain Saw is just what you need. Extendable to an impressive 2.6m (8ft6in) in length, the Branch Lopper’s high quality Oregon chain will slice through up to 19cm (7 1/2in) diameter branches in seconds, without the need for ladders. Fitted with a safety cut out trigger and ergonomically shaped handle, weighing 4.8kg (10lb), this Branch Lopper is easy to use. Mains cord is 10m (33ft) long.

This heavy-duty truck, supplied with a sturdy plastic liner is ideal for numerous tasks like moving planters, pots, bricks, logs, compost etc. With an exceptional load capacity of 227kg (500lbs) it can be pulled by hand, mini tractor or ride on mower by using the towing hitch supplied. Use as a trolley or completely remove the drop-down sides and use it as a flat-bed trailer to move larger items. With heavy gauge steel construction and smooth steering it has 25.5cm (10in) diameter wheels to protect turf and a comfortable padded handle. Measures H58.5cm xL96.5cm xD51cm (23in x38in x20in).Home assembly required.

Weighing in at just 788g (28oz) these high-tech Super Lightweight Hedge Shears are so light that you feel you could work with them all day! And at 67cm (26 3/8ins) long they also provide extra long reach. The blades are so sharp that they will cut paper as neatly as a pair of scissors, and in the garden they make quick work of stems up to 1.3cm (1/2in) thick. The super slim, lightweight shears are finished in light, aluminium alloy and are an absolute joy to use.

Powered by a rechargeable 3.6V Li-ion battery (charger supplied), our portable Roll & Spray will effortlessly water, feed and spray your plants, tubs and baskets. The large 11L (2.4 gal) tank capacity can be used for water or mixed with fertilizer, pest or weed killer. A telescopic handle (extra 20cm/8in of height) and wheels give excellent manoeuvrability over all terrain. A 48cm (19in) lance, and 220cm (7ft 2in) coiled hose and nozzle, finish this excellent sprayer. Measures H80cm xL24cm xW40cm (31½in x9½in x15¾).

At 105cm (41¼in) long, the Victor Garden Tools Swivel Head Grass Trimmer/Edger is perfect for those who like neat edges to their lawns. With heat treated 13cm (5in) steel cutting blades that simply twist through 180 degrees (for vertical or horizontal trimming), selecting the cutting angle and locking the blades into place could not be easier. For ultimate comfort the lawn trimmer/edger’s handle is angled at 135 degrees to the blades (this can also be adjusted to 180 degrees if required) and with an integral pair of guidance wheels, gives stability and an accurate, consistent cut. The ergonomic, soft-grip rubber handle has a built-in trigger mechanism to operate the cutting blades and for extra ease of use an additional support for your free hand. The blades lock shut for safe storage.

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