Take the heat out of dieting with new Chilliburner!

Take heart all those who would like to lose a few pounds, there’s a new product on the chemists shelves, made from chillies, that aims to enhance weight loss by increasing the amount of energy expenditure and reducing appetite after physical activity. New Chilliburner has been created using a patented technology to process the active substance in chillies into microcapsules which protect the digestive system and oral cavity from irritation. You can even maximise the benefits of this product by drinking green tea that has a high caffeine content which stimulates cell metabolism. Chilliburner also contains inulin, a pre-biotic which helps build natural bacterial flora in the intestine. In essence, this remarkable product helps to:

  • significantly regulates digestion; in poor, slow digestion, bloating, heavy stomach, cramps, flatulence etc
  • improves bowl function
  • decreases appetite and manages the craving for sweets
  • burns fat
  • burns approximately 280 calories daily
  • increases metabolism
  • increases energy; fat is turned into usable energy
  • fights cellulite
  • prevents fat from being stored again
  • helps weight loss

Chilliburner is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and feedback from their customers shows an average weight loss of 4 – 8 lb per month. Before you start taking the product, it is recommended that you take your thigh, hip and waist measurements as your weight loss can also be measured by a loss of inches as well as a loss of pounds. And don’t worry about the so-called yoyo-effect since the product burns fat without you having to go on a diet. The yoyo-effect occurs because when you diet, your metabolism slows down, but then when you start eating normally again, the body starts storing fat because it expects a further decrease in nutrient intake. The slowing down in your metabolism means your body cannot manage to burn fat as quickly as it did previously, so your weight can end up being even higher than before you commenced dieting. When taking Chilliburner, however, you are not on a diet, so you do not have to worry about the yoyo-effect.

As this is a totally natural product, there are no side effects, however, as Chilliburner is a strong detoxifying preparation which breaks down fat cells, during the first days of using it, you may observe changes in your digestive system, possible changes in your skin condition or other symptoms of the detoxification process. This is perfectly natural and is a positive effect of detoxification and break-down of fat cells. Do not stop using the preparation, but if in doubt, always consult your GP. If these symptoms persist or you are not happy with them, you can always lower the dosage and increase the amount of liquids you drink.

Chilliburner is not recommended during pregnancy, lactation, in peptic (gastric and duodenal) ulcers, hemorrhoids, treatment to thin the blood, ulcerative colitis, after recent surgery on the digestive system, tuberculosis, and during on-going chemotherapy. And if you are using other medicinal products, it is recommended that you wait at least 30 minutes before using Chilliburner.

Research has shown that there is a high potential of chilli peppers as well as other capsaicinoids to control weight. Capsaicinoids act as natural antibiotics and reduce the levels of blood sugar. They are anti-carcinogenic, act as antioxidants and also natural aphrodisiacs. Chilli peppers also contain a large amount of beta-carotene, flavonoids, minerals and C, B1, B2, E and A vitamins. Studies have shown that by taking Chilliburner you can burn 280 calories more. And burning 280 calories more daily means a yearly weight loss of more than 26 lb!

For more information about Chilliburner please visit chilliburner.co.uk.

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