Tailoring Your Spending to Benefit Charities.

Of course you spend a lot of money. We all do. But you want to benefit charities, and you want your spending to benefit them to. So how can you fit your spending behaviour in with your desire to do good?

It’s simpler than you think to benefit charities despite spending practically the same way you always have. With these easy-to-follow tips, you can become a bigger contributor to the charity or charities of your choosing, and also buy the things you like. You just have to get a bit creative!

Holding of handsGet yourself a savings jar. You can buy ones that are like giant tins, and can’t easily be opened, so you won’t end up dipping into it at the end of the month. When you come in at the end of the day, pockets weighed down with small change from your daily transactions, you simply slip them in there, and when it’s full you donate the contents to a charity of your choice. Easy enough – simply drop them off at the nearest charity shop. You needn’t even open the tin if you feel it would be too tempting to just run off and buy something else!

When you are a dedicated shopper, de-cluttering is just another fact of life. You grab everything you don’t realistically use anymore and get rid of it, making room for the new items you buy on a regular basis. But your unwanted trinkets, clothes, books and DVDs could make a charity money, if you know what to do with it. So commit yourself to keeping your house reasonably clutter-free and organise monthly de-cluttering sessions. The resulting pile of goodies can be donated to your local charity shop. Remember: just because something is still in excellent shape doesn’t mean you’ll use it, and donating it means the charity shop can earn more money for the cause by selling it.

With Gift Aid, you can enable charities to reclaim basic tax rate on your donation, increasing the amount of moneyA purse and a coin they end up with without raiding your pockets for more cash. Most places where Gift Aid is an option require you only to tick a box allowing them to reclaim the basic tax rate, so it’s barely even an effort, and you simply sit back and relax knowing your donation is going further.

Through these simple solutions, you can ensure that charities thrive without affecting your spending too radically or feeling you are making too much personal sacrifice. While it is lovely when people choose to suffer to aid a charity, you will be more likely to keep up a steady, sustainable stream of revenue in this manner, rather than relying on grand but rare gestures that don’t amount to as much gross giving in the long run.

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