Swimsuits for 2011

Swimsuit trends 2011

Swimsuit trends 2011

When you are planning to soak yourself in the water, play with water, or get into some kind of water sport, what do you really need? Well, of all the things, you will need a nice and stylish swimsuit. We need swimsuit for swimming and water sports like diving, surfing, water skiing, etc. Swimsuit is also required for sun bathing. If you want to get that perfect tan, you need to kiss the sun on a beach with the best swim wear. A swimsuit is also worn for magazine shoots, fashion shows and beauty pageants. We can always spot magazines showing the best swimwear for the season and we also often see designer’s collection of swimwear on the ramp.

There are many types of swimwear – from regular to the designer collection. They vary in relation to the body coverage, the material used and the current style. Today, there are so many varieties of designs and patterns for swimwear. Swimwear can be a one piece where it covers the stomach also. Similar to it is swimsuit dress which is similar to a short dress. In two-piece, which is called as a bikini, one piece covers the breast and other covers the lower part. There are so many variations and varieties in bikinis today.

Then we have the Tankini, monokini and burqini. Tankini is a two-piece swimsuit, where the upper piece is like a tank top and lowers a panty. It leaves little space between them.

Burquini is like a diver’s suit. It is preferred by Muslim women as it covers almost the entire body. Swimsuits can be skin-tight or loose fitted. But skin-fitted are more popular. A design of swimsuit varies. It can be anything from covering the whole body to some designs that completely expose the body. Sarong is considered as one of the accessory for swim wear, it is very popular and it looks extremely stylish. It is both functional and fashionable; it covers up your lover body adding that extra glam to you.

Swimsuits need not be just plain colored fabrics. It can also be with great texture, designs and prints. These are more common and for the masses. If you want something that you don’t want to spot anyone wearing then go for the designer label. Variety of designers labels are available in swimsuits like  Agua Bendita, Badgley Mischka, Salinas Bikini, Vix, True Religion, Maaji, L’Space, Nanette Lepore, Phax OndadeMar, Betsey Jonsen, Sabz Bikini, etc.

If you are the glam doll then only designer suit is for you, you can never settle for anything ordinary. Swimsuit trends in 2011 are all about bikinis, tankinis, string bikinis and one piece swimsuits. If you are fashion forward women, you don’t want to miss the designer swimsuits for 2011. A style savvy woman will never miss the latest designs and the trends, if you are among those, then get spotted in swimsuits which are the latest and the best.

The best thing about designer swimwear is that they give perfect fit and they have a superior quality of fabric. You can always choose from the variety of designs. Embellishment and embroidery is in vogue for 2011. Designer suits have a unique design and they have soft built-in cups, which gives extra support. Designers are making head turning swimsuits for 2011. They are making variations and adding the extra glam factor to the basic bikini, one-piece suit, tankini and monokini.

Colors like red, black, white, neon colors; animal prints are hot in 2011’s summer. If you haven’t shopped, get started because this IS the time. You can get all the varieties and colors of bikini in Tommy Hilfiger, nautical, Kenneth cole, Jessica Simpson, DKYN, etc.

Pokka Pano offers the best monokinis. This brand offers an amazing range of one-piece suits. They have halters, removable straps, drapes and what not.  RYGY is making amazing bikinis. They offer embellishments, embroidery, amazing colors and unique designs. Tyler Rose offers a tropical collection with bright colors, neon hues in amazing animal prints. 

Apart from the selection of the right swimsuit, selecting right accessories is equally important. Your beach accessories also play a very important role in your overall look. Beach accessories must be a part of you summer wardrobe. Grab on to those stylish big hats, cool and sexy glares, a beach bag, summer sandals and gear-up for beach.


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