Survive the snowy roads with Snow Socks!

With the weather expected to get even colder over this weekend and temperatures set to drop to minus 10 and under, you might possibly be worrying about how you are going to get out and about over the next few days. But worry not, as driving to the shops and work is easy, once you have bought these innovative Snow Socks, designed to make driving in thick snow and ice a doddle. And with 35% off, there’s no better time to purchase a pair. Just remember to get the correct size and the freezing temps will never keep you indoors again! Here are all the details you need to know:

How do Snow Socks work?

Snow socks work by adding extra traction to your tyres when you drive on ice and snow. They are super strong, textile socks that fit easily to the drive wheels of your car. They’re reuseable and if used correctly they should last up to 4 winters.

What are the benefits?

As the snow socks are made from a heavy-duty technical fabric, they are unlike typical snow chains in that they do not have any metal parts. Therefore, the amount of friction generated between the fabric and the snow is far greater than the friction generated between your regular tyres and the snow. This results in there being far better traction on the road when you are driving. They are fully TUV-approved and tested (German equivalent of the MoT test).

How do they fit?

Snow socks come in pairs & you can fit them very easily to the drive wheels of your car. Think of them as similar to a fitted bed sheet, in that they have an elasticated band on the inside edge which you slip over the top of your tyre, then down over the rest of your tyre as far as it can go. Then, simply roll your car forward about a metre and pull the rest of the sock up over the top of the tyre. It then centres itself after about 100 metres.

When & where should they be used?

It is best to keep snow socks in the boot of your car ready for the unpredictable winter weather. They are designed to be used on snow and ice and are the perfect solution to get you home, to work, do the school run or to that all important meeting, on time and safely. They are also perfect for use on steep hills, or any untreated roads. You should not use them on any non-gritted or clear roads, and they should be removed as soon as you reach one.

Bottari GripSock Car Snow Socks – £33.96 – 35% off!

RRP: £52.54 with Free Delivery!

Fantastic Grip on Snow and Ice! The GripSocks are super-strong textile socks which you slip over the drive wheels to provide the grip / traction you need on ice and snow. The GripSock Snow Socks has full TUV automotive and the Austrian ONORM V5121 certification. The GripSock big advantage is that they are extremely quick and simple to fit. Fitting is easy since there is nothing to adjust – they automatically self centre as you drive. There is nothing to chafe around the back of the tyre making them also ideal for cars with limited clearances around the wheel. Since there is no metal chain in contact with the road, the GripSock Snow Socks are totally smooth running with absolutely no vibrations or noise being apparent. GripSock Snow Socks provide an ideal Get me Home or Get me to that meeting solution. Manufactured in Italy the GripSocks are ideal for the our winter, where we experience sudden and sporadic snow fall, usually short lasting, but so often the cause of massive disruption and inconvenience while it lasts. Summer tyres are not suitable for snow, ice and sleet conditions – the GripSock Snow Socks are the ideal cost-effective always have in the car solution. Very simply Snow and Ice sticks to fabric. The GripSock Snow Socks technical fabric is woven and designed to ensure maximum grip on Snow and Ice.

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