Surprising Uses for Your Microwave

The microwave has gotten a bit of a bad rep in recent years. Through recent trends, whole foods and healthy eating have become more important to society as a whole and the microwave has been reviled as the bearer of sodium-rich, fatty ready-meals. But did you know that your microwave has a host of other uses that range from the handy to the delicious?

For a start, you can use your microwave for cleaning. Sponges that have taken on a bit of a pong can be cleaned easily using your microwave; simply add a dash of vinegar or lemon juice to some water, and soak the sponges in it. Pop them in the microwave and nuke them for a minute on the highest setting. Don’t take them out with your bare hands as they will be hot! But they will also have lost the smell and be lovely and clean. A plastic cutting board can also be cleaned in a similar way; wash it with hot soapy water, rinse well, and rub with half a lemon before nuking it for a minute. Again, be careful taking it out as it will be boiling hot, but you will have a clean, disinfected cutting board at the end.

As far as cooking goes, the microwave can actually do you a world of good. Roasting garlic becomes easy; you can cut it down from 45 minutes to 8 if you cut the top off to expose the cloves, pop it in a dish with 2 tablespoons of water, salt and pepper and slather with two further tablespoons of olive oil. You can really add to your culinary repertoire with this quick-roast garlic, so don’t be a slouch!

Cakes for the microwave seem like a mad idea, but I have personally tried and tested this method and can confirm it’s lovely. It won’t be a cake you want to decorate and use for your six-year-old’s birthday party, but on days when you really need a cake and can’t bake one from scratch or go out and buy a ready-made one, the microwave cake is juicy and moist and tastes delicious!

The microwave is a much-maligned device nowadays. But by using it creatively, you can make good use of it and enjoy your microwave beyond just using it to defrost meat before cooking it and making noodles in the long hours of the night!

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