Suresh Kumar’s curry sauces with an authentic curry taste

If you are fed up with the gloopy slop that comes out of jars and is worryingly called curry sauce, and long for the fresh spices and herbs that go to make up the depth and flavour of a real authentic curry, Suresh Kumar has the answer. This chef grew up in Malaysia and had generations of family recipes passed down to him. He worked in the kitchens of some of the most renowned Asian restaurants around Europe, and during the course of his work, he has refined his very own recipes and takes on curries and spice mixtures (bumbus).

Suresh Kumar's curry sauces

The result is a selection of ready made curry sauces called Kumar’s Curries, that taste like the real thing. Using a range of various herbs and spices, the sauces have a complexity of flavour and aroma that will instantly transport you to the heart of Southern Asia.

Born in 1972 in Johor Baru, Malaysia, Suresh was surrounded by cooking from an early age as the kitchen was an important place within the family. From these humble beginnings, Suresh found work as a professional chef in some of the best Asian restaurants in Europe, and added an extra insight into the way Asian dishes are prepared, as he worked his way around the world.

Suresh prepares his sauces and bumbus using traditional methods and only incorporates the freshest and finest ingredients, taking the best quality herbs and spices. Some of these ingredients are familiar to us Westerners, such as coriander, turmeric, chillies and curry leaves, but others are a little more unusual.

Galangal for instance, a type of ginger and salam leaves, which are Indonesian bay leaves. These all go to provide Suresh’s curry sauces with an authentic depth and characteristic that provide a true taste of south Asian cuisine. And anyone who has traveled to southern India, Indonesia and Thailand will really be able to appreciate the authentic balance of complex flavours that go into every single one of Suresh’s sauce and bumbus.

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Amongst the flavours available are a range of curry sauces, which include the traditional Tandoori, Tikka Masala, Korma and Vindaloo, and some not so well known ones.

You have Chettinad Chicken, an aromatic curry made with cardamom, fresh coriander and roasted coconut and Sambal Goreng Kacang Panjang which is creamy and lightly spiced, made with coriander leaf and fresh turmeric.

The bumbus include Babi Ketjap, made with sweet soya sauce, fresh galangal root, palm sugar and a little Lombok pepper, and Besengek, an Indonesian bumbu made with roasted coconut, kunyit, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cumin and coriander.

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There are also fabulously delicious and spicy chutneys, the Pineapple Chutney is a fresh sweet pineapple chutney made with chilli pieces, black mustard seeds and curry leaves which you can use as a chutney or a sauce, or the Tomato Chutney, a sweet and sour tomato chutney with chilli and almonds.

And if you want a wonderfully authentic spiced rice, try Suresh’s Galangal & Turmeric bumjbu, a spice paste for making a delicious aromatic rice dish. All of Suresh’s products can be purchased from his website, Kumar’s Curries, and there are also recipes and videos of Suresh, showing how he uses the sauces and bumbus in his own cooking. Products cost between £1.59 and £7.99 and free delivery is available when you order £30.00 or more of any product.

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