The Best and Worst Supermarket Mince Pies for 2019

Love them or hate them, we all seem to have them at Christmas. I’m talking of course about mince pies. But which ones made our taste test and which ones failed miserably? After much debate and tasting, we have come to our final conclusion.

First up, the best supermarket mince pies:

ASDA Extra Special 6 Luxury Sloe Gin Mince Pies: £2.00

Supermarket Mince Pies

Fancy a change at Christmas? Then try these amazing sloe gin mince pies from Asda. They are so lovely we wonder why someone didn’t think of them before. Plump juicy vine fruits soaked in sloe gin add a real plummy note to the mincemeat. Your guests will be coming back for more!

Waitrose Plum, Honey & Ginger Mince Pies 4 Pack: £2.00

Supermarket Mince Pies

Yes, this does mean you are paying 50p for a mince pie, but that is comparable when you consider coffee shops are charging under two pounds. Our testers really liked the spiced plum and honey mincemeat, it gave a lovely twist on the traditional mince pie. The pastry was crisp and buttery.

Co-op Irresistible 6 Luxury Mince Pies x 6: £2.00

Supermarket Mince Pies

This pack of mince pies from Co-op goes to show that you don’t have to go to a posh supermarket or that you have to spend a small fortune to get a decent mince pie. Buttery short pastry filled with a good amount of mincemeat that includes apple and a touch of brandy. Delicious.

Marks & Spencer Collection Mince Pies: £2.50

Supermarket Mince Pies

For those who love more than just a boozy hit of brandy in their mince pies, you might want to try these from M&S. Packed with mincemeat soaked in cognac all encased in a light, crumbly shortcrust pastry and dusted with icing sugar. A bit messy to eat but worth it!

Lidl Deluxe 6 Luxury Mince Pies: £1.79

Supermarket Mince Pies

If you just want a few packs of mince pies to stash away for unexpected guests that taste great and don’t break the bank then these ones from Lidl are perfect. They are generously filled with tasty mincemeat that has a nice boozy kick and the pastry is light and buttery.

Now, the worst supermarket mince pies:

Mr Kipling 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies: £1.25

Supermarket Mince Pies

Mr Kipling may make exceedingly good cakes but our testers did not like these mince pies. The pastry tasted cheap and artificial and there was way too much mincemeat for the pies. One described the filling as ‘dry and claggy’.

Heston from Waitrose Spiced Mince Pies with Lemon x 4: £3.00

Supermarket Mince Pies

These mince pies are too large, too shallow and way too sweet. Our tasters could not eat a whole one. One said it was ‘sickly sweet’ and very dry. Perhaps they might fare better warmed up with some single cream.




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