10 of the Best Supermarket Ice Cream for Adults

When it’s hot outside, there really is only one thing to cool your temperature, ice cream. But adults don’t want soft-scoop tubs meant for the kids, we want real cream, vanilla pods, Belgian chocolate, stuff we’d never give to the children! So what is the best supermarket ice cream for adults? Read on:

Häagen-Dazs Pralines & Cream, 460ml: £4.80

Supermarket Ice Cream for AdultsJust under a fiver is a lot to pay for a tub of ice cream, but this company never get it wrong. Each product starts off with just four ingredients – real cream, milk, sugar and eggs, then they add flavours, no preservatives or nasties. With this vanilla ice cream, you get a satisfying crunch of caramelised pecans. Wait until they are on offer, like now at Waitrose for 2 for £7.

Morrisons The Best Café Latte Ice Cream, 500ml: £2.85

Supermarket Ice Cream for AdultsThis is a coffee lover’s delight, with rave reviews from many happy customers. The ice cream contains a Colombian coffee sauce, arguably the best coffee swirled into vanilla ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Cake Ice Cream Tub, 500ml: £2.75 save £1.25

Supermarket Ice Cream for AdultsBirthday cake batter ice cream, complete with strawberry swirls, pink icing and actual cake pieces, you won’t be able to eat much in one sitting of this rich ice cream.

Baileys Chocolate Secret Ice Cream, 500ml: was £4.50 now £3.00

Supermarket Ice Cream for Adults

A rich and indulgent ice cream made especially for adults, containing Baileys which gives it a lovely kick. Made with whipped cream.

Magnum Tub White Chocolate & Cookies Ice Cream, 440ml: £3.65

Supermarket Ice Cream for AdultsIf you love the handheld Magnum lollies you’ll love this tub. It contains white chocolate ice cream with cookie sauce swirls, chocolate nibs and cookie crumbs. Very moreish.

Grom Gelato al Pistacchio, 460ml: £5.00

Supermarket Ice Cream for AdultsThis ice cream for adults uses the finest pistachios from Italy and caramelises them before adding to the creamy mixture. Each batch is handmade using only the best ingredients. The result is a wonderful grainy texture that is very addictive.

Remeo Gelato Stracciatella, 500ml: £5.50

Supermarket Ice Cream for Adults

Gelato is a slow churn of less cream and no eggs and results in a smoother mixture with less air and more flavour. This gelato contains all-natural products including milk and fresh cream together with organic dark chocolate shards.

Green & Black’s Organic Salted Caramel Ice Cream, 500ml: £4.20

Supermarket Ice Cream for AdultsYou can’t go wrong with Green & Blacks so it is hard to choose between flavours but we settled on this one. Swirls of thick, salted caramel set against indulgent vanilla ice cream, not too sweet and not too salty.  

Norfolk County Raspberry Ice Cream, 500ml: £4.99

Supermarket Ice Cream for AdultsLots of flavours available from this award-winning brand including cherry and custard and bubblegum. This company make their ice cream in small batches using a high fresh cream content from local farmers. Exceptionally rich and luxurious taste, you could pass this off as homemade.

Halo Top Red Velvet Ice Cream, 473ml: £5.00

Supermarket Ice Cream for Adults

Mixed reviews for this ice cream but our testers loved it. It is slightly grainy with a subtle taste of a mixture between cake and brownies. For a low-calorie ice cream, we think it is delicious.


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