Lidl’s BB Cream – ‘All in one Skin Perfector’ for mere £1.99

The bargain supermarket Lidl scored a massive hit earlier this year when they launched their budget beauty range called Cien. The brand of cosmetics was such a success with canny shoppers, that the low-cost supermarket have decided to venture into the lucrative world of beauty lotions and potions, and have now introduced their very first BB cream. But whereas BB creams created from a top beauty label can cost  upwards from £20, Lidl’s BB Cream is a mere £1.99.

BB Cream - 'All in one Skin Perfector'

Is BB Cream any good?

So the obvious question is, can a £1.99 BB cream be any good?

Well I am lucky enough to live near to a local Lidl, and managed to get my hands on a tube of the Osiris Avise ‘All in one Skin Perfector BB Cream‘, and tried it out for the first time yesterday.

I chose the medium shade, as the cream comes in two available colours, light and medium, and my natural skin colour is more dark than light. I applied the cream on a clean face in the morning. Regular readers of this website will know that I do have particularly bad skin, so I was very interested to see how the cream managed to cover up certain red areas and the acne scars on my chin.

I am pleased to report that the cream managed especially well. The redness on my cheeks was eliminated after only a few wipes of my fingers, and I had one largish spot that was also banished, with a bit more of the cream, dabbed onto it and then smoothed over.

All in all, I would say this is a perfectly acceptable BB cream, with a pleasant scent, that applies well, and works to cover most, if not all imperfections. And for £1.99, what’s not to like?

The cream lasted pretty much all day, and I even say a reduction in the amount of oil produced on my face. But whether this was down to the BB cream I cannot say for sure. I was impressed with the overall lasting power, and the smooth application.

Lidl cut price beauty range

Lidl have launched their new BB cream as part of their overall attempt to expand their cut price beauty range, as they are launching the autumn part of the make-up this week. The Cien make-up was first revealed earlier this year, and proved to be a massive hit with customers, due to the high quality and range of items and colours within the product collection.

And it looks like their new BB cream will follow suit, as it contains an SPF 15 and for a 40ml tube at under £2 quid, you can’t really complain.

BB Cream drawback

My one criticism would to be to have more colours in the range, a very light ivory, a light, a medium, an olive for mediterranean skins and then a dark for African skins.

Lidl’s Osiris Avise ‘All in one Skin Perfector BB Cream‘ went on sale on Thursday 5th September, but we recommend you head down to your nearest store as soon as you can, because we have a feeling that this is one product that is going to sell out pretty soon.

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