Superhero Costumes

Master Chief Collectors Costume

The Master Chief Collector’s costume is sure to be the hit of your next costume party. Everything about it is amazing; the detail of the costume seems to be straight out of a movie or video game. It is a bit complicated to put on as it has different parts to it, but that is also the reason it looks so great. This costume is not on the cheap side, but if what you want is to impress everyone and wear the best costume at the party then this one is sure to satisfy. The master Chief’s costume comes with jumpsuit, helmet, armor and boot tops. For the price it would have been great to get the actual boots, but the boot tops do not look as bad as others do. It comes in adult standard size, but the size runs a bit bigger because of the jumpsuit, so even if you have a few extra pounds you will still be able to pull it off.

Men’s Prestige Thor Movie Costume

The new string of marvel movies has made the superhero costumes more popular. One of the most popular is Thor. The Men’s prestige Thor Movie Costume has the idea from the movie and the helmet and chest plate do look good. Unfortunately that is about as much good as we can say about the costume as it does not include the hammer and the jumpsuit can be a bit loose unless you have the muscular density of the thunder-god. This costume is good if you do not need extra arm and leg padding. If you do you will just look funny, now that may be your goal so if it is go for it. In all honesty other than the chest plates and helmet, other costumes look better.

Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume

The Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume is one of the best you will ever see. If you pay attention to comic books then you know that recently Wonder Woman went through a change in costumes giving her a more modern look. This costume looks like it was pulled straight from the comic book pages. It is almost a fully complete costume, but it does not include the lasso or boots. But even then this costume can be worn with most boots that you may already have and the lasso is a cheap edition that you may be able to get at party and costume stores. This costume is definitely highly recommended for a comic book fan on the way to a convention or a party. It is sure to get the attention and will have people asking you to strike a pose for all the pictures.

Adult Grand Heritage Batman Costume

If you want to get to your next costume party in style then the Adult Grand heritage Batman Costume is for you. There are other bigger and more expensive Batman costumes in the market, but you will not find many as detailed and as awesome looking like this one. The only thing that could make it better is if they included the Bat mobile. Another great thing is that this is not one of those “one size fits all” costumes. It comes in 3 different sizes for your body type (medium, large and extra-large). The look is great and the fit is perfect. You may not be ready to go out every night and fight crime, but this costume will make sure you are ready for the comic book convention or for the tons of photos you will be posing for. This costume may not be the cheapest but it is definitely worth every penny.

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