New Sunset Hair latest colour trend for 2015

sunset hair

It appears that all the latest colour trends for hair lately have taken their inspiration from natural phenomenon. Take ‘galaxy hair’, a gorgeous bright hair colour that uses the wonderful accents and shades seen in cloud nebulas and star formations.

Or how about ‘pumpkin spice’? This is the latest fall style in which the rich coppers and golds of autumn are layered over a base of bright orange.


Now there is a new trend hitting the salons, although according to Refinery29, it has been around since last year, it is only now that is it really catching on.

What is Sunset Hair?

sunset hair

Sunset hair is the new buzzword and was coined by Refinery29, and it features, yes you’ve guessed it, all the warm colours of the sun fading into the distant horizon.

Typically this hair colour trend will have shades of reds, oranges, dark pinks, yellows and purples in the mix, but it is the way people are mixing it that makes all the difference.

Some are leaning towards the red end of the spectrum and using bright reds and oranges in their tresses. Others are going down a more muted route and choosing pastels with pinks and purples as their basis.

How can you achieve this look?

sunset hair

To get this hair colour, a mixture of highlights are applied onto the hair, using the desired shades.

Typically a highlighting technique called balayage utilised to apply the dye. Balayage comes from the French word ‘to sweep’ and is a much more relaxed way of applying colours.

The dye is put onto the hair freehand using a brush so that you end up with a more laidback and softer look.  This means that even if you use quite bright colours, it still looks fairly natural and not too artificial.

sunset hair

As for colours, the idea is to pick a set of colours that suit your skin tone and then apply the dye, either over all the hair, halfway down or just on the ends, depending on how dramatic you want the look to be.

Where did this trend come from?

sunset hair

Back to Refinery29 now, the beauty news blog site came up with the hair trend term last year when they created the look with hair chalks.

Beauty editor Maria Del Russo placed the pastel colours mostly on the ends of the hair, but this new version can be all over or mid length.

This type of hair also looks great on short hair, so don’t feel you have to have long and flowing locks to achieve this colour sensation.

sunset hair

What colours look best for this look?

sunset hair

As the name suggests, reds, oranges and dusky pinks, the standard colours of the setting sun, are the best example of this true hair look.

But as with all hot new styles, people have been experimenting with different shades from the colour spectrum. So expect to see vibrant purples, violet and pinks, rainbows and even a touch of beige mixed in.

sunset hair

How to pull off the look

sunset hair

If you don’t want to go all out you can either use pastel colours or stick to more natural reds and oranges, or just dye the ends of your hair.

For those who want a standout look, make sure you know what your skin tone is and then choose accordingly.

  • Cool skin tones – should opt for more blues, purples and icy pinks
  • Warm skin tones – can pick out reds, oranges and rosy pinks.

sunset hair

This latest phenomenon has taken over Instagram, with salons posting pictures up of their clients posing with their new locks. People have also been putting up Instagram pics of themselves and the snap of the natural setting sun scene that inspired them them to dye their hair in the first place.

With winter on its way, we are wondering what the next big style trend will be. Frosted locks perhaps? Remember, if it is, you read it here first!

For more information check out Refinery29.com

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