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The Australians know a bit about being safe in the sun, after all, they live in a sunnier climate than most of the rest of the world’s population, many of them have fair skin which isn’t suited to that climate, their proximity to the equator puts them at risk from higher UV levels, and they love being outdoors.

And Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with Australians being more than five times as likely to develop skin cancer than any other form of cancer.

With all this in mind, Australians have to be extra careful when they head off into the sunlight, and wearing a high factor sunscreen every day, not only helps to protect against the sun’s potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can cause sun damage, pigmentation, premature aging, but will also help to stop potentially fatal skin cancers starting.Clipboard01SunSense is Australia’s number 1 selling sunscreen and contains specially formulated ingredients that quickly bond to the skin. The SunSense range includes a product for everyone and each is unique in way it is produced, but all help to protect from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

ultraThere is the SunSense™ Ultra, which is a light and smooth, easy-to-apply lotion, which is suitable for the whole family, and provides the highest protection of SPF 50+, complete with 4 hours water resistance.

toddlerIf you have a baby or toddler you can opt for the SunSense™ Toddler Milk, a milk formulation that is especially designed for the soft and fragile skins of infants and children. It also provides SPF 50 protection, but contains less irritants for the child’s sensitive skin.

ss_sensitiveIf you or a member of your family suffers from sensitive skin then check out SunSense™ Sunsensitive, which is suitable for very sensitive skin as there are no chemical absorbers to cause irritation, with the SPF 50+ broad spectrum protection and 4 hours water resistance.

ss_daily_faceWe often forget that our faces are exposed to the sun, but the SunSense™ Daily Face is an ideal protection with SPF 50+ sunscreen, suitable for all year round protection – use it every day on the face and neck.

ss_antiageing_faceIf you are worried about the sun’s aging effects on your skin then try out the SunSense™ Anti-aging Face, which contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Also features the anti-aging benefits of glycolic acid complete with SPF 50 broad spectrum protection to leave skin feeling fresh and youthful.

ss_antiageing_face_matteMore anti aging sun protection here with the SunSense™ Anti-aging Face Mattè, a dual-purpose cream that features the anti-aging benefits of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) alongside a broad spectrum protection to leave skin feeling fresh.

ss_lip_balmIf you suffer from dry lips in the summer months, you should try the SunSense™ Lip Balm, which gives extra protection as it soothes and moisturises dry, chapped lips with SPF 50 protection.

ss_cooling_creme_gelAnd finally, for those who have overdone it in the sun, apply SunSense™ Aftersun Cooling Crème Gel. This refreshing gel will cool you down and give your dry skin the moisture it needs.

And we are not the only ones who think that SunSense have a great product range, the This Morning doctor – Dr Chris Steele also recommends a good sunscreen: “Sun protection is a serious matter and parents need to understand the facts so they can protect their family from the risks of sun damage.”

“My skin cancers are purely the result of over exposure to the sun and sun beds many years ago, before we knew the dangers of UV exposure. As a doctor, it’s awful to remember how we readily left our skin vulnerable to sun damage.”

“What many people still don’t realise is that the majority of sun damage occurs before the age of 21 and suffering sun burn as a child or teenager greatly increases the risk of skin cancer in later years.”

“Another common misconception is that sunscreen doesn’t need to be applied on cloudy days. The reality is that cloudy days can often bring more risk as children will stay out longer when the sun isn’t as hot, meaning the damage caused can be more intense.”

“Whether you are planning a holiday abroad or staying at home, you need to be skin aware and protect yourself and your family appropriately. Get the facts and get the right protection. Make sure you are using good quality products with a high SPF and follow the guidelines on when and how often to apply.”

To buy any SunSense product, or for more information, visit Crawford HealthCare.


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