Summer Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

If you are tying the knot this summer, it is time to start thinking about how you will wear your hair. The best weddinghairdos suit the formality of your gown, flatter your face, and will last all night long. These are some of the prettiest ideas for summer wedding hairstyles.

For a classic and elegant bride, it looks gorgeous to pull the hair back into a low knot, slightly off to one side. The asymmetry lends a modern air to a timeless hairdo. Play up the timeless nature of this hairstyle by wearing a fabulous pair of crystal and pearl bridal jewelry earrings. You could tuck a spray of crystal hairpins into one side of the knot for a pretty detail. For a bit more drama, add some white feathers to the hairpins. Or create a pretty outdoor look by tucking a gardenia into the side of the knot. This is a terrific hairstyle to wear with a lace wedding gown or an organza wedding dress.

Braids have been very, very popular for formal events lately, and they work beautifully for weddings. Pull your hair back into a loose romantic braid for a sweet daytime hairdo. It would look great with a V-neck wedding gown, especially if the back neckline also has a V shape. This is a great option for a bride with long hair that she wants to keep under control for her wedding. If you have thick hair, a braid will also be more comfortable than piling all that heavy hair up on top of your head. Another pretty braided hairstyle is to twist the hair into several braids in varying thicknesses. Then the braids are pinned up into a low knot near the nape of the neck. It is a nice alternative to the more simple knot, and an excellent choice for a bride with long hair. You could wear a wide jeweled headband with this sort of hairstyle, which would be spectacular with crystal bridal jewelry.

Since summer tends to be a humid time of the year, it is best not to leave your hair just hanging loose. Inevitably it will end up looking limp and messy by the end of your wedding. If you prefer the look of wearing your hair on your shoulders, consider a half updo. The hair by the face is pulled up, so it only hangs loose down your back. You might wish to have the hair in the back made into soft waves that will look good even if the back of your neck gets a little hot and sweaty. A pretty comb or barrette can be used to sweep up the front of your hair and add a decorative element to your hairdo.

Something I really like for summer wedding hairstyles is a great ponytail. It is perfect when you want a simple, jaunty style. To make a ponytail look good enough for a wedding, it is important to have it professionally done. Your hairstylist can craft a ponytail that is smooth on the top, with just a bit of lift at the roots. The pony itself can be sleek and smooth, with a cute curled up end. Wrap a piece of your own hair around the elastic for a polished look. Big swingy earrings, such as chandelier earrings, really complement this fun wedding hairdo. It is a great option to wear with a sleek column dress or an A-line gown. A ponytail may not work as well with a very dramatic gown like a trumpet or a huge ballgown.

One final tip: whatever hairstyle you are considering, be sure to have a hair trial before your wedding. Schedule it for the day you have a wedding gown fitting so you can see if you like the hairdo with your gown. Then you will be confident that you will look your absolute best on your wedding day!

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