Summer Travel with a Difference

If you are fed up with the same old boring holidays to the Costa del here or the Brava there, it’s time to step out into the extraordinary and try something a little different. Holiday companies are offering a realm of amazing adventures, from unusual European destinations to far flung long haul places.

All you have to do is pick one and away you go. So whether you fancy the Far East, South America, Eastern Europe or the South of France, check out our travel options with a difference, and make some amazing memories this summer.


Temples of Angkor

Temples of Angkor: Copyright: Philip Roeland/Flickr

Audley Travel are offering a 14 day trip in which you can discover the heart of Cambodia. Highlights include the iconic temples of Angkor and the town of Siem Reap, then onto the jungle-ravaged Beng Melea.

After that you can practise your haggling skills at the Russian market in Phnom Penh. From there you will catch a boat to the idyllic Rabbit Island where you can relax on the beautiful beach. All the while enjoying the specialist knowledge from the guide team. 14 days from £2,425pp Inc. international flights from Audley Travel.


Pelourinho - Brazil

Pelourinho – Brazil: Copyright: Kuoni Travel

There is so much to see in Brazil that you would have to spend months there to capture the full spectacle of this truly wonderful country, from the white sandy beaches, the stunning natural wonders, and the colourful excitement of Rio de Janerio.

Check out the tranquility of Costa Do Sauipe, the soothing waters of Iguaçu Falls, the modern Brasilia or traditional Salvador. Whatever your traveling interests, Brazil has a dream holiday for you.

Kuoni offer tailor made holidays which include free upgrades and specialist tour guides to help you make your decision. Visit Kuoni for details.


Croatia: Copyright: Imaginative Traveler

Croatia: Copyright: Imaginative Traveler

Located on the Dalmatian Coast, this beautiful coastline combines tranquil islands with the beautiful town of Dubrovnik. The Balkans trip starts at the famous Kopacki Rit Nature Park, from there you will visit a family-run vineyard, then onto experience Belgrade’s famous nightlife.

Stop off to admire old ruins in Mostar city, and visit Montenegro’s Ostrog Monastery and mingle with pilgrims, all whilst glimpsing the Adriatic Sea from Dubrovnik’s city walls.

This is a truly a land of fairytales and untouched by modern hands. 15 days from £1265.00 for 15 days (does not include international flights). Check Imaginative Traveler for more details.



Provence: Copyright: Jean-Claude Carbone for the Aix Tourist Office

The Provence is an eclectic mix of old and new, with romantic traditions combining with contemporary modernity. Here you’ll find vibrant and lively cities, nestling beneath hilltop villages, complete with châteaux and fishing cabins, vying for attention with young French rappers, competing against classical music, Cézanne and van Gogh.

Apart from the festivals in the summer you have got the rich backbone of tradition and history, ever present as it is one of France’s oldest regions. For ideas on accommodation and travel in Provence, check out Marseille Provence for more information.

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