Summer is the Best Time for your Backyard Barbeque Party

Backyard Barbeque Party

Backyard Barbeque Party

Summer and spring are definitely the best time of the year to host that perfect, fun and entertaining backyard barbeque party. The beauty of BBQ parties is that you can either plan it in advance or host one spontaneously. However, the planned one has the added advantage of “everything being taken care of”. All the barbeque parties have the same things in common. Right from choosing a theme to decorations, sending out invitations and of course the food menu, the method is the same.

BBQ Theme Ideas:

If you want to host one hell of a Backyard barbeque Party, here are a few BBQ theme ideas and tips that you can consider:

  • The Wild Wild West BBQ Theme: Going the “complete western style” is the way to go! You don’t have to live in a ranch to host a cowboy BBQ party, all you need to do is put on that sexy cowboy outfit – plaid shirt, blue jeans, leather belt, cowboy hat, bandanna and not to forget the Cowboy boots. Voila! You are ready for the party. For the decorations you can put up old saddles, stack of hay and a few old wooden barrels on which your guests can sit on. Organize a few country-fair games like tossing a ball to hit the bottles, or tossing a ring around a bottle. You can choose to gift the winners. Coming to the food, you can probably serve grilled beef steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers, chili-rubbed BBQ pork spare ribs, bakes potatoes and wild rice pilaf can be served as side dishes. To add some fun to the party, you can rent a mechanical rodeo horse and get your guests to compete against one another as to who can sit on the horse the longest.  This will definitely be one big wild summer barbeques party.
  • Hawaiian Luau BBQ: Say “Alloha” Hawaii style right in your backyard. Yes, we all love Hawaii, but sadly we can’t go there all the time. So, why not host an amazing Hawaii Luau BBQ right in the backyard of your house? Decorate your backyard with everything and anything that is associated with Hawaii. Flowers, sand, colorful accessories, just keep it as lively as possible. Put up coconut brass, invite the guests with handmade flower garlands, even better pass out mock grass and leis skirts at the entrance. The guests will simply love it. And of course, keep the food and drinks coming! Serve Mahi-mahi, grilled chicken, kalua pork, fruit punch and the typical coconut juice. To give it a further authentic touch, place banana leaves on tables covered with white table clothes. Totally authentic!
  • Super Bowl Barbeque Party: For all those football enthusiasts, a super bowl BBQ party is definitely one of the perfect parties to entertain your guests. Keep the atmosphere as fun and sturdy as possible. Create a nice tailgate setting by placing folding chairs in your backyard and serve delicious food like glazed pork butt, barbecue pork spare ribs, grilled vegetables and kebabs, hotdogs and hamburgers. You also serve sliced fresh fruits, vegetable salad and potato chips. Since it’s a football based theme, you can incorporate your favorite teams logo and color in your decorations, invitations, serving platters, tablecloths and for that matter even on cups and paper plates! You can ask your guests to come wearing their favorite football team’s cap or jersey. Importantly, do not forget to organize amazing football trivia games, and give away generous rewards to the winners.
  • Carnival Barbeque Party: Who does not like a night fair? Well, we all love carnivals and what better way to show it? If you are one of those ‘good-taste’ ones who likes carnivals, then you should definitely host a mind-boggling summer carnival BBQ party in your backyard. Decorate your backyard with crazy carnival signs, put up oversized party props like giant balloons, striped awnings and carousel horse cutouts. Also use clown-themed piñatas and plates and if you have the patience dress your guests with colored pennant garlands. Serve grilled corn on the cob, pork chop sandwiches, popcorn, hand-cracked ice cream, peppers, onions and bratwursts and not to forget cotton candy! To add more excitement to your barbeques party, organize games like water balloon toss, ring toss and three-legged race. Your guests are sure to enjoy this summer BBQ party.

Hosting a summer backyard barbeque party is always one. Plan in advance, invite people, make some amazing food and let loose! 

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